9 Pictures Taken With Extremely Cheap SLR Cameras

When you want to buy your first SLR camera, something like the whiting that bites its tail happens. You do not know which one to choose because, precisely, you have not had the opportunity to delve into SLR photography. Precisely thanks to that first reflex camera you will be able to delve into the subject. But of course, to choose that first camera, how do you do it? do you pick it at random? do you ask the seller? Do you inform yourself?

I remember, back in 2008, I was trying to buy my first SLR camera and every time I went to a store to ask the seller, I came out with my head like a hype. It doesn’t matter if you make it very clear, from the beginning, that you don’t have the slightest idea about SLR photography, that you don’t know about features, that what you are looking for is a good SLR camera, period, one that allows you to get good photographs. It doesn’t fail. As soon as you ask for advice, a salesperson will usually fry you in terminology and technical jargon, he will excite you by presenting the technical features of one camera and another, he will explain the difference between the electronic components of one and the other. That in the best case. Pray that the camera that leaves the most commission does not want to screw you over, or the one that puts the most pressure on you by your bosses to get out.

You feel identified? Do you find yourself in this situation?

What else do the benefits of a camera give? Shouldn’t the final photo be the criteria we use to choose one camera or another? After all, the machinery, features and components of the camera are nothing more than a means that, supposedly, has to make it easier for us to take that photograph that we are so looking for.

What if we make the decision, or at least a good part of it, based on examples of real photographs taken with the camera in question?

Last week I told you about why I personally preferred the cheaper SLR cameras over the slightly more expensive ones. Today I would like to leave you with a few graphic examples, very visual, that demonstrate the capabilities of a few cameras that I recommend. None of them exceeds 500 Euros in price, however, the photographs that you can see below are the faithful testimony of what these cameras are capable of achieving (in the hands of a good photographer, of course).

Photographs taken with a Nikon D3400

Photographs taken with a Nikon D5300

Photographs taken with a Canon EOS 200D

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