7 sustainable and original gift ideas for this Christmas

Every Christmas, it is common to wonder what to give our family and friends. In addition to making a nice gift, it is key to shop consciously and contribute to a waste-free planet. Sustainable gifts are an excellent alternative.

Why make sustainable gifts at Christmas?

The hyper-consumption resulting from the end-of-year festivities translates into huge waste of material objects. After these dates, it is common to see containers full of textiles, food and toys, among others, which later contaminate the planet.

This is where the importance of choosing lies. durable and ecological giftsthat they have a lower environmental impact. If you still don’t know what to give, take note of these sustainable gift ideas.

1. Plants

The floors give a special touch to any corner of the house and give life to environments. You can choose from a huge variety: with or without flowers, aromatic, succulent, indoor or outdoor. An economic and ecological gift!

2. zero waste kit

A set of zero waste accessories is ideal for those who seek to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. you can buy a zero waste kit, or purchase the elements separately and customize it. Among an endless number of objects, you will find reusable cutlery, a cloth napkin, a bamboo toothbrush or make-up remover cloths.

3. Tote bag or reusable cloth bag

The reusable cloth bags They are functional and practical. Also called tote bag, they have become a fashion accessory, perfect to use as a bag. There are plain and patterned, with original designs and combinable with any outfit.

4. Natural cosmetic kit

A sustainable gift that cannot be missing. Same as him zero waste kityou can get a set of cosmetics already prepared or personalize it. If you do, don’t forget the essentials, like solid shampoo and conditioneror ecological soap and toothpaste.

5. Ecological clothing or footwear

Choosing a garment made with sustainable resources is one way to contribute to a waste-free planet. In the market, you will find everything from coats to shoes made from recycled materials.

6. Reusable bottle or cup

A reusable container is a gift that never fails. Choose a personalized design and surprise that special person by giving them a mug to take to the office or a bottle to take everywhere.

7. Give experiences

The best waste is the one that is not generated! Experiences will be treasured forever and avoid accumulating material things. They are a minimalist and original gift. Give away experiences that do not generate an environmental impact: for example, a disconnection day in the countryside or a bike tour.

And you, what other sustainable gifts would you add? tell us in the comments