7 reasons why you should eat celery at night

Celery is a very healthy vegetable that we don’t always remember to incorporate into our diets. Protagonist of vegetable soups, later it is, for many, a great forgotten in the kitchen.

However, celery has many health benefits, especially at the digestive level. For this reason, those who take the habit of consuming celery at night report great positive changes.

These are the main reasons why you should consume celery at night.

1. Improves digestion

Celery is rich in insoluble fiber and water, which helps in the digestive process and the regulation of stool.

It abounds in important cleansing qualities that also make it an ideal diuretic. Consuming it at night helps to start the morning without swelling.

2. Relieves inflammation

Due to its high levels of polyphenols and antioxidants, celery reduces inflammation and eases joint pain. In this sense, ingesting it at night helps to rest better and without pain.

3. Reduces high blood pressure

Celery is a powerful source of phthalidesactive compounds that improve poor circulation by 14% and reduce stress hormones circulating in the blood.

4. Helps lose weight

Eating celery at night is also an easy way to lose a few extra pounds. First of all, because it is very low in calories and has a lot of water and a lot of fiber. Therefore, incorporating it into dinner will help make it lighter and just as delicious. satiating.

Second, as well as helping to regulate digestion, it is also a good food. detox.

5. Reduce stress

Celery is high in magnesium, and this mineral is important in reducing stress. In addition, it is rich in essential oils that will calm the nervous system. All this helps to improve rest radically.

6. Regulates alkaline balance

Celery prevents acidic conditions in the body and, if consumed frequently, can regulate the pH levels in the body. That is why it is ideal to incorporate into dinners if you are on an alkaline diet.

7. Improve sex life

Finally, celery contains two pheromones sexual: androstenol Y androstenone. This makes it a powerful aphrodisiac, ideal for romantic dinners.

Did you know these benefits of eating celery at night?


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