7 objects that are magnets of positive energies

Throughout history, all cultures and beliefs have endowed, for different reasons, some objects with the character of amulets, or have attributed to them the property of attracting good energy and fortune.

There are many objects that you can choose to attract good fortune to the home and avoid bad energies. Some are as simple as a plant or a pretty painting; and they will improve the atmosphere just by being nice. But others have a symbolic value that is what makes them special. You may or may not believe in them, but the reality is that you don’t lose anything by trying either.

Within all of them, we have made a selection of those that have transcended and lasted the most over time, and have survived to this day. If you want fortune to knock on your door, you should start looking for one of these items.

1. Elephant figures

Ancestrally, elephants have been a symbol of prosperity, power and fortune. Especially in India, her presence within the home is considered to remove all obstacles in the path of the family.

The ideal place to place this amulet is the entrance hall of the house, looking inward: welcoming prosperity and letting it enter.

If the elephant has its trunk up, it is better for good omens.

2. Horse Shoe

It is one of the most popular talismans to attract luck. Its semicircular shape is linked to fertility and the iron with which it is made to strength and power.

To make it work as an amulet, it is preferable to hang it on the door, with the ends facing up. In this way, it becomes an accumulator vessel for astral forces.

Ideally, you should look for a horseshoe with seven holes, since that is the ancestral number that is associated with good fortune.

3. Fish

The goldfish is one of the eight sacred symbols of the Buddha, and as such is considered a talisman of wealth and good luck.

But it doesn’t have to be just gold. The fish figures can also be silver, glass or even carved in wood, and can be left inside the home, or carried hanging.

They not only attract good energy but also protect the wearer from bad luck and misfortune.

4. Fortune Cat

This talisman of Japanese origin is perhaps one of the best known in the West. The kitten with its hand raised as a call sign invites good energies to enter the house or place.

In Japan it is common to see it at the entrance of most businesses, inviting customers to enter and good sales.

The cat can be placed anywhere in the house that is visible, but facing the door is best.

5. Eye of Horus

This traditional amulet of the Egyptian civilization has been used since ancient times, mainly to repel envy and the “evil eye”. It is also believed that it drives away diseases, taking care of health.

It is normal to find two versions of the eye: the left one that represents the moon, and the right one that represents the sun. The latter is the one to which the good energies are attributed.

6. Laughing Buddha

Having the figure of a smiling Buddha in the house brings wealth, prosperity and money. He also manages to change the energies of the house, so that peace and good humor reign.

The Buddha represents prosperity, joy and happiness in homes.

8. Turtle

The tortoise represents health, longevity, stability and balance, which is why it is said that even having them as pets augurs prosperity. But being an endangered species, having a live turtle at home is not the best option, especially if there is no park. Instead you can have figures. Having the statuette of a turtle that carries its young on its back represents the good opportunities that will be presented to us in the future.

Do you use any of these lucky charms? Do you know others?