6 steps to be happy according to Harvard University

Perhaps it is the question that crosses all of humanity: how do you make yourself happy? This question, which was always considered an existential question, has become the subject of research at Harvard University.

The Israeli doctor Tal Ben-Shahar is the professor in charge of teaching this key longed for by all.

The Positive Psychology expert maintains that joy can be learned with technique and practice and affirms that the expectation of being perfectly happy is what makes us less so.

His 6 fundamental tips to feel full are:

1. Forgive and celebrate your failures

Negative emotions are part of life and are as natural as positive ones. By accepting them you will learn to enjoy joy.

2. Don’t take the good for granted: be thankful

Learn to value and appreciate good things no matter how small they are. Things are not given nor will they always be there.

3. Play sports

Practicing light exercise or light walking for 30 minutes a day causes the brain to secrete endorphins, which mitigate pain and cause pleasure.

4. Simplify

Both in leisure and at work it is necessary to detect what is truly important and concentrate solely on it.

5. Learn to meditate

This habit combats stress and helps to overcome crises. It also allows you to direct your thoughts towards the positive side.

6. Practice resilience

This term refers to the ability of people to face adverse circumstances, traumatic situations or difficult life conditions and recover from them stronger or with more resources.

The expert’s conclusion is that you do not have to be perfect to lead a happier and richer life, but you must accept life as it is. This will free you from fear of failure and perfectionistic expectations.

Do you dare to put these 6 tips into practice?

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