6 Instagram accounts to follow to lead a sustainable life

They are on the networks, they are followed by thousands of people, and they lead on issues of sustainability, veganism, and sustainable fashion. They dictate the rules, they are influencers and today they show us, from their point of view, what is the way to lead a life that respects the environment.

1. Daphne Schilling (@dafneschelling)

An influencer who, through movement, generates confidence in the power of the body, in intentions, in projects, in the lights and shadows of life. Dafne writes books, gives workshops, talks, retreats and, of course, motivates through her Instagram account. She is a “facilitator of feminine power” and from her social networks she invites you to believe more in yourself, to listen to yourself, and move your thoughts.

2. Natalia Kiako (@natikiako)

Bachelor of Arts and amateur cook, with her we learn to cook healthy recipes, with condiments and ingredients bought in bulk and always emphasizing responsible consumption. She teaches the keys to healthy and delicious cooking for adults and children. Thanks to her recipes we can cook with natural resources for the whole family. From beetroot puddings, to ice creams and ideas to think about the children’s birthday menu.

3. Patri and Fer (@vivirsinplastico)

Apprentices of residual minimalism, in August 2015 they decided to start living without plastic, and they are on that path, while showing how they do it from their Instagram. In addition, they published their book “Living Without Plastic”, and they also give talks and conferences.

They teach us to become aware of how unnecessary many plastic objects or products are in our lives. From the bag in the supermarket, to large purchases of food and objects. His posts spread his desire to collaborate with the environment and select the ways to do it every time we consume.

4. Connie Isla (@coisla)

She is an Argentinian singer-songwriter, vegan and activist. From her Instagram account, she shares sustainable tips and also uploads videos and images about equality. She recently celebrated the opening of Vrote, her vegan and artisan clothing brand.

5. Nicholas Fassi (@nico.fassi)

is an activist vegan and doctor graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. In his stories of Instagram talk about food vegan, about myths and truths about calcium in cow’s milk, about anemia and about the theory that refutes that you have to eat one egg per day.​​​​​​​

6. Elka Mocker (@ama.come.vive.brilla)

She is a chef specializing in healthy eating and the author of the book that has the same title as her account. Her recipes are easy to make, and in addition to giving you many tips, they explain why they are so important to consume. Another section of her stories is “challenges”, and there she exhibits the importance of playing sports.

Their experiences, their attitudes and advice on healthy, ecological and sustainable living, and on veganism lead us to learn more about a more respectful and responsible consumption. Follow them and join their routines, challenges that are key to understanding how to live a greener life.

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