5 traits in common that will allow you to detect manipulative people

Manipulative people are highly toxic.

Especially since his ability allows him to play with you without you realizing it. Make you act for them, believing that you do it for yourself.

Being surrounded by manipulative people will make your self-esteem drop to the ground level, you will feel extremely discredited and have the feeling that you are worthless.

Therefore, you should stay away from these people, or at least not give them a place in your life. But for this, before, it is necessary to detect them, and it is not always easy.

These 5 traits common to all manipulators will help you identify them.

1. Detect your weaknesses and use them against you

Manipulative people are incredibly adept at spotting your weaknesses. Not just the things you’re not good at: especially the ones that make you feel embarrassed.

A manipulator will quickly find your weak spot, and when he finds out where it hurts, he will use that against you. It is the way to make you feel less and less sure of yourself.

Once you have lost confidence in yourself, they can take you wherever they want you to be.

2. It’s compelling

Manipulators are experts at always being right. Even if they don’t have it.

If they realize they are wrong, they will quickly change their argument. But always making you believe that it was what they said from the beginning.

They are excellent storytellers, and you will end up believing their words, because they don’t leave you any other choice either.

It is another way of making you abandon your own convictions, and exchange them for theirs.

3. He is tireless and insatiable

More than once, you will end up agreeing with the manipulator just because you get tired of arguing. It is that a person like that will not stop until he gets what he wants.

For them the end justifies the means, and they will have no mercy for anything that gets in their way, it doesn’t matter if you are there.

They are especially good at scoring others’ own merits. That’s why you need to manipulate: because their way of getting what they want is always at the expense of others.

4. He can be the nicest

The main reason manipulative people often get away with it is because they know when to be the best.

If he has to promise you heaven, the manipulator will. With his most gigantic smile, and assuring you that it is the least you deserve.

Then, he will have no problem reproaching you that he even lowered the sky for you: you owe him too much.

With good and loving promises and actions, manipulators manage to hold you hostage. How do you reject someone who did so much for you?

5. He is always the victim

And you, generally, the perpetrator. He will manage to make you feel guilty for his failures, and he will take the place of the victim whenever it suits him.

A manipulator is never wrong. There is always one other that led him to make wrong decisions. He does not assume his mistakes, nor his part in his problems.

He does it in such a way that everyone feels sorry for what happens to him, and resents the one who makes him feel that way.

If you feel that you are close to such people, first of all you must hold on to your convictions and your faith in yourself. Thus, with full confidence in your place, you will be able to easily see those who try to control your life through manipulation.