5 things you have to let go of to be happy

How many times have you decided to be happy? Probably more than you want to accept. In movies and books, in self-improvement notes and expert advice, everyone says that one day they decided to be happy and from then on everything changed. Do you really think that’s possible? Of course not. Worse still, these stories make people think that by wanting to be happy and not immediately achieving it, they feel that there is a problem with them.

Human nature is complex. We still can’t decide if we are good or bad by nature, but we do know that life and relationships are complicated and that happy endings last until there is a “but”. Despite that, it is up to us to move, to continue in that search for happiness that sometimes seems unattainable, but that we must understand that sometimes it comes and sometimes it goes away, it is natural. We must always remember that even when bad things come back, you have to leave some baggage behind to be happy.

The control

We all want to be in control of things, but the more we become obsessed with being okay in every aspect of our lives, the unhappier we are. It is not a call to leave work or obligations, but to reflect on what we cannot control, what others do or decide that, although it affects us, is beyond our power.

toxic relationships

These come and go over time, but only when we get rid of them can we really feel that we are with the right people. Whether it’s your best friend, your partner or a family member who has made your life much more difficult than you deserve, toxic relationships are paths that lead nowhere, a waste of time that although many remember as “a lesson learned”, is also a justification for believing that something came of it.


We are not perfect people, but there are many who believe that being good involves helping everyone and saying yes to those we consider close friends. Sometimes that gets out of hand and we end up in a situation where we are taken advantage of or at least end up doing everything for others and never taking time for ourselves.


Doubts paralyze and leave you in the same place, no matter how bad it is. You may be in an abusive relationship, but the doubt that getting out of it and doing things on your own is impossible immobilizes you, you may have the doubt of following your dreams, giving up what you do and starting an uncertain but happy future, without However, the doubt that everything you have done is impossible to reverse leaves you in the same place for another day. Don’t live off the impulse, but don’t close yourself off to new things because of a doubt either.


Expectation is the mother of disappointment. Maybe you left the doubt behind, but if you don’t let expectations aside, and realize that your new job doesn’t pay sky-high salaries to first-timers, you can go back to what you were doing before. The expectation is good, but in moderation. If you are one of those people who expects the best from everyone and everything, you are facing the fantasy reflection of the real world and that is of no use to anyone.

You must finally leave the past behind. Only then can you begin to build a better future for yourself and for the people you love. Remember that life is cyclical and surely even if you leave these things behind, at some point they will reach you again. That’s when you start letting them go once more.