5 symbols that will bring a positive transformation to your life

Since ancient times, symbols have been created by man to communicate and even build their collective memory through language.

Today, many years later, we continue to use symbols in such everyday situations as crossing the street or buying an object. They continue to be in our communication and help us to act and understand the world in which we live. Even emojis are symbols!

But there are some symbols that still retain a more sacred character, that accompany us, provide us with protection, represent us and connect with our most spiritual side.

In this note we will tell you what are the 5 symbols that represent balance and that will help you attract good luck and divine energy to positively transform your day to day life.

1. Lotus flower

This flower has been considered sacred for thousands of years: in ancient Egypt, India, Hinduism, Tao and Buddhism.

It has the character of being very symbolic in itself, since its root is found inside muddy swamps, but it rises to the surface where it blooms and gives off its aroma.

It reminds us that, beyond any darkness, the ability to shine and attract the best into our lives is within us.

2. Beetle

As a symbol, it comes from the god Khefra, considered an aspect of the Egyptian sun god Ra. They represent victory over darkness (they are linked to the underworld) and were considered blessed beings, since they helped Ra.

It is considered a protective and strengthening symbol of health and good luck.


Acorns have been considered sacred since ancient times as they come from the oak, a tree dedicated to the king of the gods, Zeus. From this worldview, everything that comes from it is considered sacred, divine and magical.

Therefore, it is believed that this symbol protects us from negative energies and attracts good luck, fertility and abundance.

4. Red bats

In Asia, red bats are a symbol of good luck and spiritual help. In fact, for example, two bats symbolize double luck; and five represent the 5 fortunes of the 5 elements: good luck, abundance, fertility, honor and longevity.

5. Wheel

It is a global and mystical symbol that represents growth and attracts good fortune.

It helps us understand that all difficulties are overcome and that everything, including our interior, has a sacred cyclical rhythm.


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