5 Signs that you are transmuting into something better

Converting one chemical element to another is called transmutationand although it is a term that is used in physics or chemistry, why not apply it to ourselves?

Let’s try a simple exercise: Find a picture of yourself when you were little. Do you recognize yourself? Of course you are the same. But, is your body, your expressions, your hair the same as your present?

Impossible to answer otherwise than with a “no”. As well; there you have a simple example that all people transmute throughout our lives, we change physically, mentally and emotionally, we are not exactly the same.

There are transmutation processes that are physically very visible, but many others that occur within. How to recognize when you are experiencing a process of transmutation? Here we share some signs.

1. Discomfort

When you are living a transmutation process, it is common for you to feel uncomfortable with what you always do. It could be your profession, your job, your routine… You may feel like something has reached a limit, that you need a change, to move towards something else that makes you better, gives you well-being or brings you new challenges. .

2. Distress

The transmutation process implies the end of some things that may have accompanied you all your life (ways of being, links, etc). And that is often accompanied by anguish. It is part of the process. Sometimes you have to clean, also inside, to make room for something better.

3. Uncertainty

In a process of change not always everything is so clear. Precisely for this reason, it takes time and requires patience until things settle down and it becomes clearer to define where to go. Allow yourself not to know from reason or be able to control everything, it is part of the process that the definitions appear little by little, and guided by your heart and your intuition.

4. Change of scenery

Personal transmutation processes in general are also linked to the evaluation of the links and scenarios in which we move every day. Everything that seemed given can be questioned and lead to change. It is common that when something inside us moves, the same thing happens with the outside.

5. Freedom

But finally, the most positive thing about transmuting into something better is the feeling of being free from a burden. Perhaps it was that one that pressured us to “be” or “do” something certain; Or maybe it has to do with ending a relationship or changing course in life in general. Whatever it is, transmutation is a sign of evolution, and that will always be a little closer to our desire.