5 signs that they made you a love spell

Has it ever happened to you to go down the street and suddenly see strange ads like “I’ll return your loved one”, “Moorings of love” etc.? This could make you afraid of thinking that someone would do a job of that magnitude for you, completely knocking down your will.

There are those who attend with people of the esoteric to beg them to tie them up, but the question here is: How do you know if they did some love wrong to you?

A mooring stands out because for its elaboration it is necessary personal items of the victim, such as photos, intimate clothing, roses, hair, among others. This energy that these personal elements carry is linked to its owner.

However, it is worth clarifying that a white magic spell is different from a black magic spell. The first symptoms and changes are not usually perceived as something negative by the person, while the second there may be reactions that affect very negatively the subject victim of it.

5 signs that you are being subjected to a love spell:

  1. The person to whom the tie is made begins to feel dizzy, with anxiety, out of nowhere he is thinking of a person who is not the couple, he even begins to dream of it too.
  2. Look for your underwear and see if you are not missing any intimate garment, since for them to make you a tie, a special garment is necessary.
  3. Another sign is that the person cannot sleep, begins to lose weight and has constant headaches.
  4. He begins to feel like a zombie who just wants to look for that person and if he doesn’t see him for a while, he is capable of losing his mind.
  5. when the mooring
    It takes effect, the person begins to have internal conflicts, they do not understand what is happening to them, it may be that they take to thinking about that conflict, asking what is happening. He, even he, can fall into depression and he only feels good when he is with that person who tied him up.

Remember that many times couple breakups or couple unions occur naturally by the mandate of destiny and other times in a forced way through magical works.

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