5 signs that if you think about someone a lot, they are also thinking about you

Have you ever wondered,If you think about someone a lot, think about yourself too.? If we are energy and everything around us is too, it would be a mistake to say that our intentions or thoughts do not generate anything on a physical level. The diseases that have their origin in an emotional conflict are, perhaps, the best example to see it. But there are also other situations, more subtle, where the energy exchange between people also becomes more “tangible”.

If you think about someone a lot, do you also think about yourself?

This is a clear example that can be used when talking about energies. The energy can be perceived without necessarily both people being in the same place and time. Has it ever happened to you that you thought of someone and at that moment you saw them or they sent you a message? Or have you ever wondered why you think about a person a lot without meaning to?

Although for some this is random, for others the human mind has great power, and has different levels of frequency that we do not handle. These levels cannot be studied either, since the reality is that none of this is scientifically proven.

Therefore, when we are in someone else’s thoughts, we can get to perceive it in some way. The energy you perceive (positive or negative) will depend on the type of bond and the experience you have or had with that person. If you want to know more about this interesting topic, this note may be for you. Read to the end.

Why do you think a lot about a person unintentionally?

Without basing ourselves on scientific foundations, there are those who say that sometimes if we think a lot about a person without meaning to, that is, about someone who doesn’t mean that much to us, it’s because that person is interested in us and thinks about us too much. This theory holds that “if I think a lot about someone, that person feels it”.

On the other hand, and above all when it comes to love relationships, it may happen that there are unresolved issues. So, you may feel that you do not want to see or be with that person again, and that it is already part of the past, but deep down you keep thinking about the relationship or the experience that needs to heal. In these cases, there is no magic to cure it, but therapy or talking about it with that person or with a third party can help. And a lot.

1. Unexplained emotions

When there is (or was) a very strong type of bond or connection between two people, one of the two may have some strange feeling, such as anguish or emotion, as if it were a “hunch”, and feel the need to talk to the other to see if it’s okay. Most of the time, if this connection is between the two of you, the other person will probably tell you that he or she has been thinking about you.

2. Itchy eyes

Some argue that an itchy eye for no obvious physical reason (like an allergy, for example) could be a sign that someone is thinking about you. Obviously it cannot be scientifically proven, but it can happen.

3. Burning ears

Similarly, it is also said that if you feel burning in your ears it is a sign that someone is giving you thoughts. However, in this case they can be loving or hateful thoughts.

4. Goosebumps

It is said that if your skin crawls from one moment to the next and without a direct physical cause, you could be the center of a very intense emotional thought by another person. In general, this sign is associated with good thoughts on the part of the other person.

5. Dreams

Dreaming of someone, or certain characteristics of a person in the body of another (something very characteristic of dreams) could also be an unconscious signal that the other is thinking of you, or vice versa. However, if you have been thinking about someone all day, and then you dream about it, it may be because your unconscious is still in the same state. In this case, it will be difficult to know if that person is really thinking of you.

Note: these 5 signs do not have a scientific reason; they are based on popular beliefs that have not yet been verified.

The law of attraction, does it work?

According to the law of attraction, all humans can attract what they think about or desire a lot.. It can be a person, a job, a trip, or anything else. However, it will not come as if by magic, but you have to work hard on the energy that we emanate so that the wish becomes a reality.

A clear example is when someone wants to approach a person. They say that the law of attraction works, but thinking about that person is not everything. Even if it is unintentionally, the person who seeks to attract another will direct all her actions to fulfill her goal. Suddenly, he will notice what he wants or the other person likes and will adapt her behavior to that goal.

The same thing happens when someone wants to “attract” a job. Consciously or unconsciously, that person’s brain will send the corresponding signals so that her body does what it has to do to get closer and closer to the desired goal. Study more of a discipline, pay more attention to job offers, take a course that opens a door, connect with people in the field in which that person wants to enter, etc., etc.


If you think about someone a lot, do they also think about you? Will you be thinking the same? There are people who claim to have a high capacity for telepathy with their partners, friends or family. However, does telepathy exist? Is it normal to think of someone and that person also think of us?

Telepathy, also called transmission of thought, is the hypothetical ability to communicate with the mind. That is, the ability to transfer a thought from one person’s mind to another without the use of other senses or instruments. This means: without speaking, without pointing, without showing anything. Only with the mind.

However, to date it has not been verified. For this reason, direct brain-to-brain dialogue remains confined to the field of parapsychology. Knowing this, there are those who claim that they have communicated telepathically with their partners or closest friends. Either way, it’s believe or bust.

It may be telepathy, but it may also be that the thoughts between the two are similar due to the degree of trust and knowledge they have of each other. Knowing yourself too much is sometimes mistaken for telepathy. Again, as the popular saying goes, it’s believe or bust.

Do you think that if you think about someone a lot, they are also thinking about you? Do you know why you think a lot about a person unintentionally? Leave us your comment.