5 objects that you do not have but you will want right now at home

There is nothing wrong with having a little luxury in life. Before that luxury was associated with an expense not only of money, but of energy, a waste of resources to achieve something moderately useful.

But with the rise of sustainability and eco-consciousness, many companies have dedicated themselves to finding luxury solutions for their conscious consumers. That’s right: giving yourself a treat can mean changing the bicycle for an electric scooter, or spending extra on a special dinner to make it 100% organic.

These are 5 cool (but not necessarily cheap) items that were meant to improve the world and your quality of life.

retro electric scooter

Electric scooters are a great idea, but design and artistic innovation are often neglected. That’s why Honda is launching one of its “retro” vehicles with functionality worthy of the 21st century.

Edible coffee cup

Engineers in Bulgaria have spent more than 15 years perfecting this cup that doubles as an ice cream cone. It doesn’t alter the flavor of the coffee, it doesn’t melt while the drink is inside, it doesn’t burn you and in the end you can get rid of it by biting.

deconstructed sportswear

Millions of sports garments are thrown away every year, which is why Anton Schnaider had the idea of ​​mixing fashion, art and even a bit of philosophy to make unique sportswear. And it is that his sweatshirts and pants are created from old garments from other sports brands, so in addition to recycling, he is giving a new meaning and meaning to the word fashion.

self-sustaining pond

This fish tank is unique, because thanks to the plants that are incorporated, it does not need maintenance: it works in the most similar way to a natural ecosystem. You will never have to change the water and you only have to worry about feeding your fish. It was also conceived as a way to educate and create awareness in children.

Solar cell backpack

Smart phones, laptops, spare batteries and more. People carry their office on their back and many times emergencies require them to work from anywhere in the city, so this backpack is perfect for those situations. With an integrated solar panel, all you have to do is go outside to start charging your devices.

Other gadgets are in the prototype phase like eco-friendly smart pools, personalized solar-powered cars and even smart foot insoles.

Technology, design and sustainability can go hand in hand, it just takes ingenuity.