5 mirror frames created with reused objects

Mirrors are a good decorative element that look good in any room. You can create original frames for them by reusing different objects that you would normally throw away.

1. Disposable spoons

Wash and store disposable spoons. When you have enough, cut off the handle, as you will only need the part that is used to hold the food. Then, paint them in the colors that you like the most. You can use just one, create a pattern or a gradient.

Place the mirror in the center of a cardboard or wooden base and, using a hot glue gun, glue the curved part of the spoons around it going from the center out. Below this first row, paste another. Continue like this until you complete the entire surface of the frame.

2. Magazine paper

Reuse those magazines that you have piled up in your house. Select the pages that you like the most for their colors and make tight rolls with them. Place the mirror on a cardboard base and paste them around it, one next to the other or using the design that you like the most. When you’re done, you can varnish it to make it easier to clean.

Another alternative is to use the rolls to form circles. You can make them in different sizes and, if you want, paint them with vinyl paint when they are finished. When you have enough, glue them together to cover the mirror frame.

3. Spent matches

Did you think that the matches were no longer useful after using them? Put them together to make this frame. As in the previous options, use a cardboard or wood base and glue them around the mirror from the inside out. You can use the burnt part to play with light and dark tones and create original drawings.

4. Bottle caps (corcholatas)

Glue metal bottle caps onto a cardboard or wood base using a hot glue gun. Since they won’t cover the entire surface, you can paint the base any color you like before you start. You can also spray paint the corks if you don’t like the drink marks showing. For a more original design, create a jagged edge.

5. PET bottles

Take the neck and base off the bottles. Cut the body of the same in strips of approximately the same thickness and use them to form different figures. To add them to the outline of the mirror, make a small cross cut and stick them with double-sided tape.