5 indoor plants that bloom all year round

We all love plants and flowers in general; but some have a knack for gardening and some don’t. Like any art, gardening is not universal, but many people know the bare minimum to have their plants more or less beautiful and healthy.

If you belong to that group and you have indoor plants, you probably don’t like having to change them according to the season.

Don’t worry! There are plants that are so noble that they bloom all year round and can make your home, office or any interior more beautiful and happy.

Enjoy them!

1. Kalanchoe

The kalanchoe is a very easy plant to grow and it flowers all year round. According to the type, these can be of different colors: white, yellow, orange, red or pink

As if that were not enough, this plant has, according to many specialists, great medicinal properties if you use it to make ointments or drinks.

To thrive, all it needs is plenty of light, some watering, and well-ventilated spaces. If it has these comforts, it will give flowers all year round and can reach a height of 40 cm.

two. anthurium

This indoor plant is widely chosen because it is easy to grow, and because its flowers are very showy. Red in color growing around a yellow spike, it has an exotic look that many people choose for their home.

The only thing to keep in mind for it to flower and grow strong is that it is a tropical plant, so it needs to be in warm spaces: excessive cold can kill them.

3. Rosebush mini or pitimini

For fans of roses, this spice may be what they have been looking for all this time.

Let’s be honest: they take a bit more work than the rest of the houseplants we’ve mentioned. For them to be good, direct sunlight should be avoided and the plant should be kept very moist, without ever neglecting it. In addition, the temperature is important: they should not be less than 10 degrees or more than 23.

But the result of such care is worth it: you will have delicate rosebuds at home. The best thing is that, unlike outdoor rose bushes, these flower all year round.

4. Gardenia

Gardenia flowers are super delicate and also they will permufare your environments with a unique aroma. This plant is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. In this last In this case, it must be taken into account that the plant needs abundant light and irrigation.

As it happens with the Rosales minihas some temperature needs that we have to respect (between 10 and 25 degrees) if we want to enjoy it.

5. African violet

The African violet is a very beautiful indoor plant that bears delicate flowers of all colors: white, pink, red, blue, mauve, lilac, violet.

It gives more and better flowers in summer, but it does not stop blooming the rest of the seasons. Of course: between one flowering and the next there is always a rest period of about six weeks.

The good thing is that when it does not have flowers, it is still a plant Beautifullvelvety and fleshy leaves

Of course: it needs a lot of sun to flower, at least 12 hours a day. And it is important to water it abundantly in summer and moderately in winter, trying not to wet its leaves or flood the soil.



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