5 ancient enigmas about the tomb of Tutankhamun that still have no answer

One of the legacies of ancient Egypt. Tutankhamun’s tomb still has 5 thousand-year-old enigmas, which still have no answer. A funerary monument that is considered one of the most important.

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November 4 marked the 4th anniversary of its discovery

I was able to see wonderful things! It was the phrase expressed by the famous archaeologist Howard Carter when leaving the tomb. It was in 1922 when the royal seal was broken, which kept the pharaoh’s mausoleum closed.

Source: The Vanguard

Many treasures were found in the chambers of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Truly incredible gold pieces. In addition, the pharaoh’s death mask is spectacular. However, there are things that still have a veil of mystery.

We are going to mention 5 questions that are still strange, without a solution in this archaeological site. We describe them below:

1) The “alien dagger”

This is a dagger that was over 3,000 years old at the site, but showed no signs of rust. When analyzing it, they noticed a strange mixture of nickel and cobalt; which is only found in meteorites.

Source: BBC

2) Hidden cameras

It is always believed that, around the mummy chamber, there are other spaces with treasures. This is confirmed by archaeologists who have used radar and ultrasound. Even that the tomb of Nefertiti is in those chambers.

Source: BBC

3) The cause of the pharaoh’s death

The analyzes of the mummy indicated that it suffered from malaria. However, she also had a bone defect with a deformity in one foot; which forced him to use a cane. It is added that before he died, he had a femur fracture.

Source: Adobe

4) Red spots on paints

The chamber that housed the mummy had strange red spots. It was deduced that they were fungi, which appeared because the paints were not allowed to dry properly. However: how could those fungi survive for 3,000 years?


5) The Curse of the Young Pharaoh

Finally, on the walls of the site there was a threat to those who broke into the funerary recital. People took this lightly, but within ten years there were strange deaths in the group that worked to excavate the tomb.

The “curse of Tutankhamun” is almost a myth: movies have been made and books written. The truth is that there was a threat written in the form of a curse in hieroglyphics. Also, that there were accidents and strange deaths.

Source: Adobe

Along with the Great Pyramid of Egypt, this funerary construction is one of the most beautiful works of the ancient pharaonic world. One of the oldest civilizations!

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Have you heard of Tutankhamun’s tomb? Surely yes, because it is very famous. A construction that still has a veil of mystery.