4 things you learn after walking daily for 30 minutes

From the 19th century and until a few decades ago, walking in a city was a thoughtful and useful act. It even came to be thought of as something artistic. Walking is not only an act that takes us from point A to point B. Thanks to our imagination and what we have built on it, it is also a way of existing, of inhabiting the world.

“You can walk down the street without thinking, letting your mind drift, letting your legs, with their internal memory, take you everywhere, according to the map of your own thoughts. The physical town, replaced by an imaginary city”, reflects the journalist and essayist Greil Marcus.

Walking is thinking of ourselves as machines, like animals, feeling our body move with the world and feeling the movement of the world through us. Unfortunately today we have reached extremes in which 40% of adults do not walk more than necessary to exist. He moves around a bit at home, walks to the car, takes the elevator up to his office and sits in his cubicle, only to come back the same way and have moved his legs less than a mile that day.

Science has told us that walking for at least 30 minutes a day can have excellent benefits for your health, but also for your mind. Here are some things you can learn by doing it.

improve your mood

Unlike running, walking doesn’t tire you out right away. Actually, your mood improves from day one and soon it even becomes a necessity. There is something special about moving your legs, going the distance and coming home without having to think about anything else. Specifically, walking allows you to release endorphins that help you feel happy and relaxed. For this reason, many people with depression or anxiety find in walking an escape from the chronic sadness that afflicts them.

you discover new things

Walking allows you to see what is around you, surely everything near your house may seem familiar to you, but when you walk through it, without thinking about reaching a specific point, things that perhaps had been there for years appear as if they were new.

You fight diseases

Walking for half an hour, at a constant pace and without stopping, reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 27%. It helps control high blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of some types of cancer and type II diabetes.

take care of your figure

This is a bit obvious and it can be said that running or going to the gym is better, but if you walk 30 minutes a day you speed up your metabolism and digest food much better. In addition, the activity tones your muscles, so you will soon begin to notice that not only does your body feel much better than before, but it also looks better.

Life is not spending two hours a day in a car stuck in traffic, nor is it seeing the same streets and walls at 80 kilometers per hour without feeling that you live in the moment. Walking places you in the here and now, it forces you to feel aware of your body and what is around you.

Would you do the 30 minute walk test a day?


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