4 signs to recognize if you know the person in front of you from a past life

For some people, the body and the soul are different entities. Therefore, with the death of the physical body there is not only an end, but also a new rebirth where the soul continues its learning path. Continuous change continues its course, but it is never the same “I” that is reborn.

For those who believe in this, if you have ever had the feeling of a strong Déjà vu, of having been in a certain place or time; or you have quickly felt a connection with someone, they may be signs that reveal aspects of a previous life. Learn how to notice them when you are in front of a stranger who for some strange reason does not seem so stranger.

1. You feel an immediate connection

It is impossible to explain in words what you feel with someone who, even without remembering having seen him before, becomes so familiar to you that you think you have known him forever. But something on an energetic level happens and both are attracted, either in a positive or negative way.

The souls with the greatest connection are to each other, great teachers. They come to us to leave us great lessons. Therefore, having met them in a previous life does not always imply a love encounter. Learning may not be easy, and it will come back again and again if we don’t give it room.

It may be that whoever you meet immediately becomes your confidant, as if it had always been, and then it is likely that your soul recognizes the other’s and knows that it is someone you have had a lot of love or trust; or, on the contrary, we can find ourselves in front of someone feeling a great rejection without apparent explanation.

two. Let see

If you believe that you are experiencing something that you have already experienced, you have memories or dreams that you cannot easily explain but you feel them very intensely, you may be in the presence of a clue about your past life. The same happens if this includes a person you know very little.

3. Shared looks and thoughts

Has it happened to you that someone says just what you think? Or that just one look is enough to understand each other? This connection without having spent much time together could be a clue to think that they have shared one or several past lives. It is believed that these souls tend to have a deeper connection, even on a subconscious level, and that even this may have been read in each other’s eyes. Hasn’t it happened to you that in someone’s eyes you feel something particular that you can’t explain? This may be one reason.

4. Short and intense encounters

If it has ever happened to you that when you met someone you had a relationship as intense as it was brief, it may be that in a past life there was something pending to resolve but it did not take so long to do so.

What to learn?

If something or someone from a past life comes back, it is because there is a lesson that has not yet been resolved. The being is even more powerful than the mind, and the universe will put you in front of the same thing over and over again so that you can solve it.

As soon as you do, you will feel relief and continue moving forward on a path of growth and enlightenment.