4 plants to have at home and improve your intelligence

Contemporary work forces millions of people to sit for hours in front of a monitor even when their instinct, intuition and even reasoning tell them that they should do more. They force your attention to look at the small monitor and accept the universe of things that happen only there, ignoring the reality around you.

It has recently been discovered that paying attention in this way can be more detrimental to business than letting people see and analyze other things. There’s something called “directed attention,” which is what we force ourselves to do in front of the computer. Our senses are rationally directed and “imprisoned” to serve a purpose. An example is when we read a book that is difficult for us to understand, we force our senses to pay attention to each letter so as not to miss any detail.

What do plants have to do with this?

“Undirected attention” is something akin to our peripheral vision. Our mind captures things that we may not seem to pay attention to, but they are there. For example, when walking through a park, our attention is directed to where we are walking or perhaps to some specific detail, but at the same time we see the leaves of the trees falling and immediately we go to observe the bark of a tree and the reflection of the leaves. of a plant a few meters away.

Based on the theory that people feel better surrounded by natural spaces, American scientists carried out several tests in which one group of people worked in a neutral space, without plants or something like that, while the other did.

Although previously they had memory tests that placed them with the same retention capacities, at the end of the experiment those who worked with plants increased their memory capacity and had better performance, despite the fact that their attention was focused on work and on they.

The tests are only the first step in understanding the relationship between mind and nature (albeit on such a small scale), but it is certainly big news. If having a couple of plants in your office can improve your memory, imagine what would happen if you filled your house with plants that smell good, help you relax and give your home much more brightness and life.

What are the best plants to improve intelligence

  1. Cow or tiger tongue purifies toxins from the air around it, which is why it is ideal for improving concentration, as it allows more oxygen to reach the brain.
  2. The so-called bridal ribbon has the same function.
  3. Roses, especially if you sleep near them, can help long-term memory.
  4. Ginkgo biloba, by its very presence, improves short-term and long-term memory as well.

One more reason to fill your home with life!