4 phrases you should never say to your partner

All couples conduct their relationships differently. They do not always fail due to insurmountable incompatibilities, but due to a lack of perspective when it comes to assessing what they build or how they are treated.

Therefore, there are certain aspects that you should not overlook. These are the phrases you should never say to your partner. If you want to have a lasting relationship, avoid this at all costs.

Phrases you should never say to your partner

1. “My ex used to do it this way”

Never compare your partner to other couples from the past, even jokingly. The fact that you are thinking about a person you were with can be very hurtful, unless the comparison is in favor of your current partner, which can be comforting. Think of the situation in reverse. Would you like your partner to be referring to his ex all the time and, what is worse, comparing him to you?

2. “I’m going to tell you how it’s done”

This phrase is especially dangerous when it is pronounced in a context in which one of the members of the couple is angry. Depending on the tone, it can emphasize or hint at a superiority that can offend the listener.

3. “If you truly loved me, you would”

This phrase is covert blackmail. If you pronounce it, you will make your partner feel that they can never win or do what they want without taking into account your feelings or tastes. To show his love for you, he doesn’t have to do everything you tell him, because while it works in the short term, it’s proven that in the long run it’s a kind of manipulation that ends in resentment and hate.

4. “Why can’t you be like…?”

The phrase can be completed in many ways, from your ex to one of the parents of the couple receiving the phrase, through the husband or wife of your friend or your best friend. Avoid comparisons of your partner with other people around you, whether from the present or from the past. If you got engaged or live with that person, it’s because you love them. Don’t ask her to be like someone else. This is likely to cause anger and even embarrassment, which can lead to an emotional closure that will be difficult to break.

And you, what do you think? Would you add other phrases to the list?