30 recommended plants for sunny balconies

Having a balcony that receives sunlight throughout the day is a real privilege and that is why you have to make the most of it. A good way to do this is to place plants for terraces in full sun that not only add color and warmth to that sector of the home, but also purify the air from environmental pollution.

Turning the balcony into an incredible orchard can be achieved very simply: simply choose the full sun potted plants and give them the care they need. Even this activity can be a very fun hobby for all members of the family. And, if you want to give it a personalized touch, we tell you how to make your own plant fountains


Petunia is one of the outdoor potted plants resistant to continuous sunlight. Its flowers stand out for the aroma and color they bring to the space where they are placed. This species, in addition to being easy to grow, requires little care.

Irrigation: abundant.

Light: a lot.


Lavender is one of the easiest plants for windy balconies to maintain. This crop not only brings a magical color and perfume to the home, but it is also resistant to different temperatures. In fact, it is a plant that survives the winter completely naturally despite needing a lot of light.

Irrigation: moderate.

Light: abundant.


If you are looking for plants for small balconies, carnations are your best option. This picturesque flower of Mediterranean origin can be located both on the ground and hanging on the balcony. The important thing is to make sure that it receives direct light and constant water, taking care of course not to drown its roots so that they do not rot. It should be noted that the plant must be protected during frost and intense cold because the flowers deteriorate quickly.

Irrigation: once a week.

Light: direct and in great quantity.


Another of the most interesting species for apartment balconies to plant is rosemary. This shrub can reach a meter and a half in height, so it is advisable to place it in a pot on the ground. In addition to providing color, this aromatic plant can be consumed as a condiment as it enhances the flavor of many foods in recipes such as sauces and smoothies.

Irrigation: little.

Light: about 6 hours a day.

5. Dahlia

Dahlias are one of the plants that can withstand a lot of sun and in fact they are a very picturesque natural decoration for any balcony. For its flowers to grow it is necessary to keep it out of drafts and provide it with moist soil.

Irrigation: regular. You don’t have to wait for the soil to dry out.

Light: abundant and daily.


This little flower is one of the balcony hanging plants that blooms from late spring to early fall. It lasts many, many years with just a little water and a sunny place to live. Of course, in hot weather you need to water it every day so that it does not dry out.

Irrigation: moderate.

Light: daily and constant.


Thyme is the ideal ally to have in the garden because it decorates the exterior of your home and, as a bonus track, can be used for multiple recipes flavoring from meats to drinks.

Irrigation: little.

Light: a lot.


With wide and very green leaves, ferns are the best friends of balconies. This colorful plant chooses to grow in an environment with lots of light and well-moistened soil. One of the best tips to make the plant last is to place it high and provide it with good drainage.

Irrigation: moderate.

Light: abundant.


The cyclamen, also known as Persian violet, is another of the most appreciated outdoor flowering plants because blooms in the cooler monthsfilling any type of balcony with color and perfume.

Irrigation: bass. Do not add water until the soil is dry.

Light: abundant but should not be given directly. The ideal is to place it on the floor of the balcony.


It is one of the most popular seasonal flowers due to its long flowering and low maintenance. This plant blooms from fall to spring and can actually withstand lifera frosts.

Irrigation: every two or three days.

Light: full sun.


It is a more than resistant bush. Unlike other plants, it requires continuous pruning to promote its growth. Boxwood will decorate your balcony with beautiful colors throughout the year: in spring/summer it has an intense green while in autumn it turns orange.


Known for the “he loves me or he doesn’t love me” daisies are very delicate plants that decorate any corner of the balcony. To enjoy this crop in its maximum splendor, it is recommended to sow it in spring.

Irrigation: frequent but controlled.

Light: direct and abundant.


Durable over time, hydrangeas are sun lovers. This bushy, colorful and aromatic plant comes to show you that with little care you can feel like a true gardening professional.

Irrigation: abundant during hot seasons.

Light: full sun.


This South African plant offers impressive orange and yellow flowers in exchange for very little care. They resist climates up to 5 degrees below zero so they are ideal to place them on the balcony and not worry about them.

Irrigation: regular, preventing the earth from drowning.

Light: daily and abundant.


Originally from South America, cannas withstand the sun and heat well. These exotic flowers bloom for much of the year but, in summer, it is when they brighten our day to day with their extraordinary petals. In addition, they are very easy plants to maintain for any beginning gardener.

Irrigation: continuous.

Light: plenty of sunlight.


The lemon tree is a tree that has adapted to grow in places much smaller than a garden, such as a balcony. In order for it to bear fruit, it is important to be patient, not to fall into excessive pruning and provide it with a place with a lot of sunlight.

Irrigation: plenty of water throughout the year. The soil must be kept moist.

Light: abundant direct light.


This fruit is much easier to grow than it seems and, in fact, offers as a result a delicious food to consume without having to go to the grocery store. Regardless of the variety that is chosen to plant in the pot, andhe tomato has only one secret: it needs plenty of light and water.

Irrigation: lots of water.

Light: plenty of sun throughout the day.


If you are a true fan of flowers, dahlias cannot be missed on the balcony. They bloom from early summer to late fall. It is important to place them in a pot on the floor to protect them from the wind.

Irrigation: regular.

Light: daily.


Known as the autumn daisy, the aster is a rustic plant that does not require much care to survive. Simple and cheerful, its flowers remain standing even in winter if they are well cared for. and, the other good news, is that they resist the sun very easily.

Irrigation: two to three times a week.

Light: plenty of sunlight.


As its name indicates, the evergreen plant It has the ability to resist very intense cold and heat.. In fact, it is very difficult for this plant to die, so it is a good option to place it on a balcony exposed to constant temperature changes.

Irrigation: regular. It is important that the soil is well drained.

Light: can receive sunlight throughout the day.


This tropical flower is a crop that will undoubtedly decorate your home in a delicate and elegant way. It’s about a fast-growing, scented shrub It thrives in sun exposed conditions. It should be noted that it does not survive cold or frost.

Irrigation: continuous. The soil must retain a certain degree of moisture.

Light: direct for as many hours as possible.


If you are looking to give a Mediterranean and romantic touch to the balcony, the hibiscus is the ideal option. Its flowers are very striking and grow in various sizes: they are characterized by having five petals forming a funnel from whose center long stamens with yellow anthers that exceed the corolla come out.

Irrigation: abundant during the summer.

Light: direct sunlight, if possible, during the morning.


They are perennial plants that flower all year round.. These beautiful flowers do not require much care, but it is important to prune them during the fall so that they can grow easily. The soil must have to be fertile and well drained.

Irrigation: regular.

Light: daily. It can also survive in semi-shaded spaces.


Also known as Petunia calibrachoa, this species from Brazil loves the sun. It is a very fast growing plant. which is usually placed in hanging pots on the balcony for its resistance to heat and long flowering.

Irrigation: you must wait until the soil is dry to put water on it.

Light: full sun.


It is a shrub that does not need much care. Simply place it in a medium-sized pot and give it sunlight.

Irrigation: moderate.

Light: direct sunlight for 8 hours daily.


This plant is very easy to grow and in fact It also serves as a spice when cooking.

Irrigation: regular.

Light: 6 hours a day.


This plant can be grown in a pot with ease.. It requires very basic care to flourish and, like oregano, can later be harvested for use as an ingredient in multiple recipes.

Irrigation: moderate. The soil must be kept moist.

Light: direct sunlight during the day.


It is a resistant and colorful plant. It requires nutrients to grow properly and a large pot.

Irrigation: abundant.

Light: moderate.


from Africa, the zamioculca is characterized by the shiny appearance of its intense green leaves.

Irrigation: regular.

Light: plenty of sunlight during the day.


They grow quickly and do not require much care.. In addition, they do not usually take up much space, so they are good companions for other plants.

Irrigation: wait until the soil is dry.

Light: full sun.

And you, what plants do you have on your balcony?