3 minute method to shine shoes without pomade if you’re in a hurry

Surely you have ever had a meeting or commitment scheduled and found that your shoes lack a bit of shine. Ointment or shoe polish at home? If you find in a drawer, you are lucky! Few people have it on hand. But if you write down this easy, cheap and effective trick you will be able to pass the rush like a king/queen.

The secret? The banana or plantain peel!

In addition to providing magnesium, potassium, folic acid, fibers, and vitamins, the banana can save you from a hurry. Why? Because its shell has natural oils that, if applied to a shoe, can achieve the same effect as an ointment; only naturally and without spending a dime!

The potassium in the banana acts as a natural chemical, providing shine and restoration to footwear.

How to use it?

Eat the banana first, or save it for later. Then simply take the shell, and run the lighter (inner) part over the shoes. Finally, with a cotton or cloth cloth that you have on hand, remove the residue and rub to obtain shine.

And ready!

Do you know other uses of banana peel? Share them!

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