3 Grandma’s recipes to cure the evil eye

Believe or not believe. That is what some of the popular interpretations of frequent pains are about, such as stomach or headache. Painkillers and prescriptions from authorized doctors coexist with other beliefs and forms of healing that focus on the emotional or even spiritual side of physical symptoms.

Have you ever had intense pain between the eyebrows? According to these popular beliefs, you could suffer from the famous evil eye. Perhaps the result of very intense looks towards you, bad or abundant energy around you, envy, among other factors, this evil makes itself felt in the center of the forehead. Some directly understand it as a curse that seeks to end the good fortune of the person on whom it is exercised.

Practically all cultures have in their history a legend or myth linked to the evil eye. For example, the Greek philosopher Plutarch He argued that the eye has the power to release such strong energy that it is even capable of killing. This, which today may seem somewhat extreme to us, shows that very intense powers have been granted to the eye since ancient times.

People who believe in the evil eye understand that not only can something external such as bacteria or viruses make us sick or make us feel bad, but also the energies, words, actions or feelings of others. They also believe that it is possible to combat it at home.

For example, some Grandma’s recipes to cure the evil eye they include a kind of ritual using a saucer, oil, water, and the telling of words that cannot be revealed except under very specific circumstances.

The oil bubbles, when in contact with the water, burst and expand. It is believed that whoever cures the evil eye acts as a channel, directing the bad energies of people towards the saucer. Therefore, if someone was “eyeing”, the drops of oil expand completely.

In addition to this, there are other grandmother’s recipes that, although they do not have scientific evidence, many people use them. Here we share some.


There are those who maintain that lemon is an infallible remedy to cure the evil eye. How? All you have to do is put iron nails on the fruit and place it somewhere in the house. That would ease the symptoms.


There are also those who believe that passing a raw egg over your face when you have an evil eye reverses the energy. The explanation behind this is that the egg has the ability to to absorb those negative energies.


Just as there are those who believe that by making a salt cross it is possible to make it stop raining, some of the people who cure the evil eye resort to this home remedy to ward off bad energies and attract good luck. The most effective way would be to take a bath in sea salt water, placing a few tablespoons of salt in warm water and, before leaving the bath, “clean” yourself with that.

What do you think about the evil eye? Do you know other recipes?


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