25 Photos of roads that will lead you to inspiration

They say all roads lead to Rome, right? True or not, what is true is that, photographically speaking, they can take us to many places. They are very photogenic. That’s why today I bring you a dose of inspiration, because… paths you surely have at hand, paved or not, with or without vegetation. with all these road photos I intend to give you ideas and fill you not only with inspiration, but also with the desire to go get your camera and go for a walk on the nearby paths. And if you are looking for tips to get carried away by all this inspiration, in our mega guide on landscape photography you will find a lot of tips and tricks.

You will see photos of roads from the sky or at ground level, real or imaginary, in color or black and white, snowy or spring, that lead to the gaze or that are protagonists, alone or with people, with a clear or suggestive destination, of wood, earth or asphalt, etc. Any road, path, trail or highway can be a good reason to photograph it if you know how to find the perfect moment, the right frame or the ideal complement. Let’s look at all these test examples.

As you can see, you already have plenty of inspiration, now I just hope that these photos of paths push you to go get your camera and photograph any path, path or road that you have at hand.

By the way, I like all the photos that I have included, but I think that this last one brings together a lot of aspects that make it really interesting, the lines that lead to the fog, which are delicate and suggestive as they are curved, the contrast of the yellow with the rest of the monochrome landscape, the cold and mysterious atmosphere… what do you think? Which is your favorite? Tell us in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️ And of course… You can share! Thank you and until the next dose of inspiration!