25 Family Photos To Inspire Your Next Session Which One Is Your Favorite?

Today we want to pay tribute to families, and what better way to do it than with a selection of family photos to inspire you.

I know that There are as many types of family as there are people on this planet. Families with blood ties and families without. Families with children and without.

Friends who are family, grandparents who act as fathers and mothers. Single mothers, single fathers, families of all colors, formats, sizes and combinations.

But families at the end of the day, to turn to, to rely on, who always share something: the love of each other.

And since you surely love that family of yours madly and you will feel super inspired when you finish seeing the photos in this article, I am going to give you some simple tips to take great family photos before you rush out to take photos of your family. your loved ones 🙂

Tips (express) for photographing families

As we have already dedicated some articles to family photography, I will be brief, because I promised you a photo gallery and I know what you expect ;).

In return, if you are interested in reading more about the subject, I will leave you the corresponding links so that you can go deeper on your own if you feel like it 🙂

  1. Take care of the background: noticing if it is adequate or not, it can completely ruin a photo or elevate it.
  2. Take care of the wardrobe: if you can, have everyone wear similar shades of clothing.
  3. The light transmits a lot, look for the sunset to color your images with warmth.
  4. Take care of the depth of field in groups of people: make sure that everyone is in focus (you can try an aperture of f/8, for example).
  5. Photography the relationships among them, tell their story, don’t just make them pose, or at least not always.
  6. Look for different and original frames; not everything is full body photography 😉 You can cut heads, vary the point of view, the perspective, etc.
  7. Make your family have fun, avoid static photographs, or at least not all of them.
  8. Dare with the backlight.
  9. Search the value of everyday.
  10. Convey your essence.
  11. Dare with color and black and white.
  12. If there is a pregnant woman in the family, use these extra tips.
  13. And above all, love, lots of love :).

And here are the links I was talking about:

And here, now, the gallery with 25 family images that I promised you 😉

Family photo gallery

And so far our little tribute to all those who surround us and are part of our family, whatever its color, size and type.

I hope you have enjoyed the selection of images but, above all, I hope they encourage you to immortalize your own family.

Don’t wait for birthdays or occasions specials every day can be a good time to photograph what you love most 🙂

Now yes, if you liked it, help us to continue sharing our articles with those people you think might be interested in reading them.

Thank you very much and until next time :-).