23 photos of dogs to fill you with inspiration

Today is world dog day. The affection that our pets in general and our dogs in particular inspire us, goes beyond what many people believe. Dogs become a member of our family. They share our sorrows and joys, they keep us company, and why not say it, they are excellent models to practice photography 😉 . If you want to photograph your pet, you cannot stop reading this very complete article to portray it as it deserves.

I encourage you to take photos of your dog with all the dedication that is necessary, not only will you have a precious memory of your pet, you will also be able to practice tips and tricks that will help you in other areas.

But worth words, this article is based on images to fill you with inspiration and so you can see what dog photography can give, not only yours, if you don’t have one, surely someone close to you will be happy to give you your pet for a good photo session.

1 and 2. Photos of dogs on the beach

Dogs love the beach and photographing them in their sauce is a good excuse to practice. In addition, you have a lot of light, to be able to work at high speeds and thus freeze the movement of the most restless dog ;).

3. Contrasting Backgrounds

We always talk to you about the importance of taking care of the bottom, with pets it was not going to be less. If you can choose, look for a background that highlights the figure of your dog, so you will focus attention on your pet.

4. Black and white photos of dogs

Black and white is pure feeling, encourage yourself to portray your pet in monochrome.

5. Dog Humor

Dogs and their follies, those funny faces they make or those manias that make you laugh, are also a good reason to photograph and a great memory for the future.

6. Extreme close-up dog

Approach your pet without fear, it will surely not bite 😉 And remember, as in any portrait, focus well on the eyes.

7. Sunrises and sunsets

If you get up early to walk your pet, take advantage of the sunrise, with its soft light and warm tones and scenes in which there will probably be few people, to photograph your pet. If you are more nocturnal, take advantage of the sunset. Both are wonderful lights to accompany your portraits.

8. Dog customs

If you have or have had a dog, you will know that there are almost universal gestures when it comes to dogs. One of them is what they get to like sticking their heads out the window. If the environment is safe, take the opportunity to take a photo.

9 and 10. Dog games

Another way to portray them in their sauce is by photographing their favorite games, whether it is biting a rope, a ball or a stick, it is another of those dog moments that you will like to have in the form of a photograph.

11. Low key photography

Especially on dark dogs, low key photography will give you beautiful results. Remember to have your eyes well focused and expose correctly so you don’t lose the texture of the fur.

12. Photos of dogs with light as co-star

Just as you would for a human portrait, light plays will help make your images more complete and interesting.

13. Relationships

There is no dog without an owner (or at least there shouldn’t be) and the relationships between them are unique. Put on the glasses documentary photographer and don’t forget to freeze those gestures, those expressions, that very special relationship that is established between an owner and his dog.

14. Natural environment

Pay attention to the environment when photographing your pet, parks, gardens, forests…, in general, they are more photogenic and easier to portray.

15. Routines

Photograph all those moments that are part of your life: walks, games, and of course, bathrooms. Love or hate the bathroom moment, they will surely leave you with images to remember.

16. Moments

Moments shared with pets are always better 😉

17. Bokeh photos of dogs

Remember that an out of focus background can produce a beautiful bokeh effect that will end up elevating any image. To blur the background you must open the diaphragm as much as possible.

18. Dog Posing

There are dogs with infinite patience. If yours can be dressed or allows you to include some props funny in the image, you can get images as funny as this one.

19. Point of View

Just like when we photograph children, it is important to vary the point of view. It is easy to fall into these images taken from our height, but the ideal is to get to the height of your eyes or photograph from impossible angles.

20. Fleeting moments

Always have the camera at hand to capture those fleeting moments that your pet can give you. Nobody knows it better than you to know what moments can become worthy of photographing.

21. Composition

Do not forget that a pet is no different from a human being in terms of composition rules. Negative space, the rule of thirds, lines, etc. should help you focus interest on your pet.

22. Silhouettes

Practice with all the photographic techniques that you would use on a person. One that will give you good results is to photograph the silhouette together with an interesting composition like this one.

23. Details

Do not forget that the magic often lies in the details, in seeing where others do not see anything 😉 .

And so far my selection of dog photos to inspire you. I hope they have filled you with ideas to photograph your dog companion or, why not, to dedicate a session to someone else’s pet.

It can be an ideal gift for a family member or a friend who loves their dog, don’t you think? I hope you liked it, and you know, if so, share it so that others can enjoy its content.

Ah, one last inspirational touch before I go, I’ll leave you with:

I hope you enjoy them and, now yes, we will read in the next article.