21 uses of soap that you did not know

There are many items and products that we have at home for a specific use. But those that are sold commercially labeled for something particular, may have other purposes: this is the case of baby powder, Vaseline, vinegar, or even salt.

Soap is another product that can be used for much more than washing clothes or dishes: here you will see 21 new uses for it that you surely did not imagine.

1. Use a damp bar of soap or a soap paste with a little water to protect door and window frames when you paint the wall, or to cover the locks and hinges when you paint the openings, to avoid staining them.

2. If a plate or glass breaks, you can rub a bar of soap across the floor to collect the glass shards from the broken glass. This way you will prevent them from hurting your feet, children and animals later.

3. A little soapy water in a spray bottle is a good repellant for insects that attack plants.

4. When a door squeaks, run soapy water over the hinge and say goodbye to the squeak. Help yourself with an old toothbrush.

5. Avoid soot on pans by rubbing soap under them before taking them to the fire.

6. If you don’t have any stain remover and you come across a surprisingly tough stain, rub white soap on it. Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

7. Soothe itching caused by insect bites by rubbing a little hand soap or shower soap on the area.

8. Put a paper-wrapped bar of soap in your suitcase when you go on a trip to keep your clothes scented and fresh. You can also place a soap in your drawers.

9. Melt leftover soap and put it together to make new soap. You will save a lot of money and you will be recycling.

10. Rub soap through your nails before working in the garden or orchard and you will prevent them from becoming black.

11. Prepare a mixture of 1/4 cup of soap, two cups of water and a dash of vinegar to wash fruit from your garden or purchased with it. Then rinse them well.

12. Rub soap on the wood before driving a nail and you will prevent a crack from opening.

13. Use soap to unclog chests of drawers, windows, and other hinges or rails.

14. So that the glasses do not fog up, wash them with soapy water and let them dry.

15. To check if a gas tube has a leak, rub it generously with soap (it can be liquid soap or detergent). If bubbles appear, it means that there is a problem and you should call the gas fitter immediately.

16. Rub the insides with soap to soften or enlarge leather shoes. You can also use this trick to enlarge the shoes.

17. Use soap and water to loosen rings you can’t take off.

18. Rub soap down zippers that get stuck.

19. Stick sewing needles in a bar of soap for storage. They will also be lubricated for the next use.

20. Use a soapy water mixture to remove wallpaper or wallpaper from walls. Mix a few flakes of soap in a bowl of hot water, apply it to the old paper, and it will loosen up and be ready to remove.

21. Soap the key to make it easier to open a rigid lock.