21 ideas to decorate the house with suitcases!

Old suitcases are very nice, and you probably have some in your house or you can easily find someone who has them and wants to give them away.

But the heavy suitcases made of cloth, metal and many other materials that were used to make them are no longer the best option for traveling… because now we have much lighter and more practical options.

However, you can turn these suitcases into tables, shelves, chests of drawers, trunks, and even armchairs or walls! Below you will find 16 great ideas.


Tie the suitcases or a part of them to the wall and create original shelves in which you can place objects both on top and inside.

2. and 3.

You can use the suitcases to make dressing tables and night tables, both by placing legs on them, or simply by stacking several!

4. and 5.

You can do something similar to the above but painting the suitcases with a color that matches your decoration. You can also simply support the suitcase on a simple table, to act as a drawer.

6. and 7.

If you dare with the upholstery, you can have an armchair as beautiful as this one.


What do you think about organizing your clothes in suitcases instead of drawers?


Have you thought about turning suitcases into pots?

10, 11. and 12.

You can pack these side tables that can even be opened to work inside. And remember: the objects and colors you put on them can make them fit any style.


Check out this bed for your dog!


This is another very original idea. And why not cover an entire wall?

15. and 16.

When people traveled from one continent to another they sometimes needed suitcases as big as a closet, and look what these designers did with them!


They can even do cool things with a broken suitcase.


Look at this other bed, for two friends at the same time!


If you use the suitcases vertically, you can also do great things, like this beautiful wine cellar.

20. and 21.

Finally… you can also take these ideas, and recycle suitcases and an old piece of furniture at the same time!

Which of the ideas did you like the most?