20 brilliant ideas to decorate with reused CDs

CDs were once widely used, but now other technologies that allow more information to be stored in less space have made them obsolete. Therefore, you may have many in your house that you no longer use.

In this note, you can learn about 20 ideas to decorate with reused CDs and thus help reduce the amount of garbage that their disposal implies.

1. Decorative plate

If you have an old turntable and old CDs, you can reuse both at the same time. It will look great on your patio!

2. Mirror frame

In a mirror frame, irregularly cut pieces of CDs will look great, as they will achieve a distorted reflection effect.

3. Stylish guitar

Although not the best for acoustics, if you want to use an old guitar as a decorative piece, mirrors are an excellent option.

4. Flowerpot

This planter is decorated with reused CDs and the edges are filled with three-dimensional black paint, which is very easy to apply.

5. Jewelry box

Any box can become a beautiful jewelry box decorated with this technique. The pieces are carefully cut to be straight and using squares to create an original and super bright design.

6. Antique table

You can cover an old table with bits of repurposed CDs and put the glass back on top to give it a more modern look.

7. Coasters

This simple idea doesn’t require cutting the CDs, but covering them with fabric to use as colorful cup holders.

8. Tissue dispenser

Spice up a tissue box by cutting CDs into small squares.

9. Door

Many doors have a space to place a mirror or an interior inset. Fill it with reused CDs to give it a new look. You can combine it with the doorknob.

10. Coffee table

Cover a coffee table with reused CDs. You can fill the joints with filler or plaster to give a more even finish, and varnish it to make it more resistant.

11. Unique sneakers

Have you ever imagined such original sneakers? Renew those comfortable shoes with reused CDs!

12. Clock with CDs

Make a square with whole reused CDs. Then you can buy a battery-powered clock machine, which is very cheap, and hang it on the wall.

13. Ethnic necklace

This necklace imitates sophisticated models but is made with completely recycled materials.

14. Imitation mother of pearl bracelet

This bracelet looks like expensive mother-of-pearl designs, but it’s made from repurposed CDs!

15. Purse or wallet

If you have a purse or wallet that you no longer like, you can redecorate it with CDs reused in some sector and turn it into a very original accessory.

16. Shirt collar

This shirt is highly original and is decorated with reused CDs. To make it, apply a waterproof glue so you can wash it.

17. Portraits

This idea is similar to the mirror, but you can put a photo or drawing inside.

18. Galactic Cap

Although this design is a bit eccentric to wear every day, maybe you can wear it for a special occasion and surprise everyone with a very creative style.

19. LED lamp

If you scratch the CDs with a pen or knife, you can remove the silver from some areas. Make a design, and then put a lamp on it to create a very original piece.

20. Scarecrow

Birds stay away from mirrors or shiny surfaces that move. Use CDs so they don’t damage your plants!