17 Summer Photos To Refresh (and Inspire) You

Summer has started today. Officially. Although in some areas we have been suffering from high temperatures for a few days. Therefore, today’s article comes with 17 summer images. I come with the intention of refreshing you and filling you with ideas or inspiration, so that later you do not say that you have no ideas, or reasons… And if it turns out that you are in the other hemisphere and it is not precisely summer that falls on you, this article It’s certainly not for you, but don’t go yet, this other one might be ;). You can also go to number 17, no matter what station you are at ;P

I bring you, above all, very fresh images. As you can see, blue is the main ingredient in most photos, do you think it’s casual? Do you remember that other times we have talked about how colors transmit emotions and sensations? Well, here’s a good proof of it 😉 Make a note of it, because if you want to refresh, blue is your ally :D.

1. Take the leap

Jumps are a good exercise to practice with speed, they transmit movement and dynamism, while imbuing the image with freshness. Do you dare to take the leap?

2. Joy

If bicycles are for summer, joy too. The moment of laughter and games par excellence, especially when it comes to children. What if you portray them in full soda?

3. Sunflowers

Do you dare to play with the yellow-blue color contrast? Photographing sunflowers can be one of the options, although not the most refreshing, it is very summery. Notice how its author has filled in the frame.

4. Cherries

Another very typical summer product (and much more refreshing) are cherries. Due to their shape and color they are very photogenic. Choose how, but do not miss the opportunity to practice a bit of photography with them. Take care of the composition, the light and when you’re done, give yourself the luxury of eating them 😉

5. Sunset

Although sunsets usually have a warm tone due to the color of the sky, if you wait for the blue hour or catch a sky like this, the sensation will be much cooler and not less pleasant. Wouldn’t you love to be in the place of this photograph right now? Me!

6. From the top

Do you have the opportunity to travel in a balloon, helicopter or similar? Don’t forget your camera! Any occasion that allows you to rise a few meters above the sea is unique to capture the most impressive images (and refreshing, in this case 😉 ).

7. Travel

The destination is not always the goal of the trip, the road can be part of the fun, one more moment in which to relax, laugh, discover, feel the freedom of the wind on your face or your hands sticking out of the car window. What a feeling, right?

8. Summer portraits

And since we are with a portrait, how about a proper summer one? Pool or beach, it doesn’t matter, with a little water and a sucker who lends himself is enough ;). Here are some tips for taking portraits with water. You have few excuses left ;).

9. Funny Snapshots

The only limit to creativity is you. With a little imagination (and taking care of the composition) you can achieve fun and attractive images of the most summery.

10. Little big stories

To tell a story is to introduce the viewer directly into the photograph. Don’t you smell the sea? Do memories of your summers come to mind?

11. 100% T-shirt compositions

On the beach you can find a lot of little treasures and create very summery compositions. Try to include a little water, you will see that if you take good care of the composition you will achieve very interesting images.

12. Silhouettes

Take advantage of the beach and its sunsets to capture the silhouettes. A good backlight exercise that will bring you pleasant surprises.

13. Underwater

If you have the opportunity to submerge your camera or get hold of a waterproof case, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take pictures underwater. Cool cool (and endearing) image ;).

14. From above

Playing with prospects is a sure hit. Observe this image, in addition to being refreshing, it is impressive, right? Change the point of view and you will earn points ;).

15. Lavender Fields

They are photogenic, with a refreshing color and they evoke an aroma recognizable by all. Summer summery and worthy of immortalizing. Do you have one nearby? Do not miss it!

16. 1, 2, 3… Splash

Doesn’t that sound tempting?

17. Creativity

For those of you who have the water far away, or enter winter sheltered from the heating, what has been said, the limits are only set by you. A little imagination and you have a summer photo wherever you are.

What? Did you find them refreshing enough? I am satisfied that they have refreshed your desire to go get your camera and go out to take pictures.

Before launching into it, I would appreciate it if you would share this article on your favorite social network, help me to cool down the most heated ;). Thank you and see you soon!