17 Family Photos to Fill You with Ideas

Has it ever happened to you that in the middle of a family session you got stuck and didn’t know how to continue? Put yourself in a situation, the family is cut off, you are not having a good day, there is some tension between them, one of the children is somewhat angry, one of the members has come dragged without wanting to. They have arrived late (or you) for whatever reason and everything has been rushed… These inconveniences sometimes cause us to get stuck or blocked and we don’t know what step to take, how or where to place our model family. Lack of inspiration or planning? πŸ˜‰

It can also happen that you are at a family gathering and they ask you for photos and, of course, beyond the “put us-together” you do not know very well how to ask them to stand. This situation is very easy to happen to you even if you are not a professional photographer or you are not taking your first steps. It’s okay if you have a family that gets together from time to time and who likes photos.

I am very fond of natural photographs, of letting the family play or talk or walk, whatever they want, but sometimes this is not enough and you have to give a little push.

For these reasons I have thought that it would be a good idea to bring you a few photographs as inspiration, so that you take notes before a session or a family reunion (for whatever may happen) so the blockade, although I arrived, you can leave it aside . I hope you enjoy them ;). And if you need to delve into the photography of children, this mega guide that we have prepared with all the tips and tricks will come in handy.

1. Insinuate

Something that I always recommend, letting your imagination work, you don’t always have to show everything in a photo. From behind, with the face half covered with a hat or looking down… Not everything has to be poses looking at the camera, on the contrary!

You don’t always have to see the faces

2. Play with depth of field

Your camera (or rather your lens) has a magical power, that of opening, play with it to blur or focus the planes of the image that most interest you. It doesn’t always have to be the expected one, if you don’t believe it, look at this image ;).

playing with blur

3. Silhouettes

He uses backlighting to highlight their silhouettes, another way of insinuating with a different touch.


4. Nice and evocative

Silhouettes can also be used for other types of fun and cute images. This one cracks me up:

nice images

5. A part of the whole: the feet…

Without having planned it, we keep insinuating. As you will see, it is a very interesting option with many possibilities πŸ˜‰

Feet what do I want you for!

6. …or the hands

If with your feet you can achieve fresh, original and also fun images, with your hands you have the possibility of obtaining more expressive photographs, full of feelings and emotions.

hands that count

7. Sandwiched

Although I vote to avoid posados, some are very fun and endearing, like this one that I call “sandwich” when I make it with my nephews and my little one for fun. A less boring way of posing that will guarantee a few smiles (or laughs) without asking for them.

Monica Reverte Sandwich

8. Changing point of view

Playing with perspective is something that always works, either because you immediately attract the eye or because it’s fun to do and smiles also appear naturally. Here’s an example πŸ˜‰ :

aerial view

9. With a wink

You can also ask everyone to make the same gesture at the same time, the same gesture but that will show the differences in personality. Look at this image in which everyone has closed their eyes, it seems like a simple exercise and yet it gives very interesting results, right?

Same gesture, different personalities

10. In the field

What I like is a field to take photos. The first thing is that I think that anyone who steps into a natural environment begins to relax even without wanting to, something that comes in handy in a photo shoot. If you stay close to the city, with the noise of cars and others, it is very likely that the daily stress will not leave them and negatively influence the session. Let them relax and blend into the environment. Then shoot.

Natural surroundings, guaranteed relaxation

eleven. selfie family

Although it is not already a very original image, it seems to me very nice. All posing but not looking at the camera. If you run out of resources, ask them to take a self-portrait with their mobile, you’ll see how soon the smiles return πŸ˜‰

family self portrait

12. The pet is also part of the family

“Not without my dog” might be the perfect title for some families ;). Pets are one of the core, the home is not the same without them, neither are their hearts. Why leave them out? Although they do not have to appear in all the photos, they can give a lot of play and help you capture moments full of emotions.

The pet, one more

13. Everyday moments

Outdoor sessions offer many advantages, although they are not always possible. Or they are not the option chosen by the family. If it is about photographing indoors and there is the possibility of photographing them at home, rejoice. Yes, the decoration, the light and other aspects can make the session difficult, but, on the other hand, you will be able to achieve more intimate, spontaneous images and all the members of the family will appear more relaxed because they are in a comfortable and safe environment for them. Of course, take it with time. Let them do some of their daily activities, integrate, eat or snack with them, settle in their house for a day. It portrays his most personal side.

(Yes, that is what you are thinking, this option is more suitable with families that you already know or that are so open and trusting that, from the first contact, you already feel that you have known them forever).

The beauty of the everyday

14. For the most daring

While not all families are suitable for this exercise, use it if you can. They will have a great time, they will have an original and fun photo and you will have released tensions for the rest of the session. Now, practice it first with your friends or family, which requires a lot of speed ;).

The family that jumps together…

15. Generational photo

It is already difficult to find members of four different generations in the same family, and even more difficult for all to be of the same sex. If you are lucky enough to find it, do not miss the opportunity.

generational moment

16. Let them play

When it comes to children, let them play, let them move… They alone will give you beautiful moments of the most natural and spontaneous. They don’t have to be looking at the camera all the time, you’ll just get them bored. Give them space, freedom of movement and enjoy with them. A beautiful environment will help you.

Outside poses (Marta Schmidt)

17. Pure tenderness

Some photos speak for themselves and this, as its author says, is one of them. Capturing some display of affection between family members should be one of your goals throughout the session. Try not to push too hard, but if you know how to play your cards, you’ll get a great shot.

The Kiss (Marta Schmidt)

Did you find them inspiring? To me, after finishing, I have entered an enormous desire to go for the camera, I hope something similar has happened to you. If so, I’m going to ask you a favor first, share it on your favorite social network, or give it a “Like”, the images and inspiration are there to share them, are you with me?

Thank you and see you soon!