16 ideas to reuse glass jars throughout your home

Many of the products that we usually consume are marketed in glass jars. With these ideas, you can transform them into useful objects for your home. You will also find some projects to turn them into beautiful decorative elements.1. Store your chopsticks inside themUse a nail and a hammer to pierce the lid of the jar. Inside, place your chopsticks.

2. Use them to store your matchesOn the lid, stick a piece of sandpaper. Thus, you will create a decorative container to place your matches.

3. Make a lampUse your glass jars to create a lamp that will go perfectly with your rustic d├ęcor. Click here to see the instructions.

4. Store your food inside themReplace your plastic containers with glass jars. You can even use them to store food portions and take them to work.

5. Use them as photo frames

With this simple idea, you can display your photos in an original way. Click here to learn how to do it.

6. Organize your small itemsIf you have little space in your home, or if you simply have too many small objects that you don’t know where to store, this idea is perfect for you. To put it into practice, you just have to pierce the lids of the jars and screw them under a shelf or cupboard.

7. Create a sewing kitIn this case, you will need to add a cushion on top of the lid. There, you can stick your needles and pins to find them easily. Inside the jar, place your threads and other sewing materials.

8. Use them to dry your cutleryIf you don’t have a dish dryer, arrange some glass jars on your counter. There you can place the washed cutlery to let it dry. 9. Create a useful display With this procedure, you can create a display that you can use as a planter or vase. You can also use it to store objects. Click here to learn how to do it.

10. Make a terrariumGlass jars are a great option for creating terrariums. If you don’t know how to make them, click here to learn the technique.

11. Use them as glassesYou don’t need to buy new cups. Wash the jars well once you’ve finished their contents and use them to drink your favorite beverages.12. Create centerpiecesIf you need a decorative object to adorn your table, you will discover that glass jars are a very versatile material. They will look especially beautiful if you put candles inside them. 13. Use them to place toothbrushesPlace a metal mesh over the mouth of the jar. This will hold the toothbrushes in place.

14. Create an organizer for your deskGather a few glass jars. Place them in an arrangement that you like and is comfortable for you and create a practical organizer.

15. Use them to keep your wool tidyIf you like to knit, this idea will be super practical for you. Place a ball inside the jar. Make a small hole in the lid. Pass the tip of the yarn through it. This will prevent your materials from getting tangled. In addition, you can display them on your shelves or on your desk to add a touch of color to your workspace.

16. Make jars that glow in the dark

With a few materials and a very simple technique, you can create these original glow-in-the-dark jars. Click here to see the instructions.

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