16 Gorgeous Waterfall Photos to Inspire You

I don’t know if it is because we come from it, because we need it to exist, because of its mystery, or because it is simply fascinating in all its forms, but it is clear that water has something very attractive for us as human beings and even more so as photographers. Oceans, seas, rivers, ponds, waterfalls, calm flowing water, falling rapidly until crashing against rocks, waves and countless other forms.

Among these forms, today we will highlight one of the most vertiginous: waterfalls and their free fall, surrounded by beautiful landscapes or alone, but always fascinating and majestic… And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you with this selection that I hope be to your liking 🙂

  1. Contrast of colors and textures
  2. In black and white
  3. HDR
  4. A fairy tale light
  5. nature frame
  6. Sharing the spotlight
  7. At all hours and at any time of the year
  8. Filters
  9. Composition
  10. Sharpness
  11. surprising elements
  12. Lights and shadows
  13. different planes
  14. Image settings
  15. vertically
  16. silky effect of water

But we better see the images, right?

1. Contrast colors and textures

In this image, the contrast of tones stands out: the black of the rock, the white of the water and the warm saturated colors (yellow) mixed with the cold ones (green)… And the different textures of the elements that appear in it. Pretty, right?

2. Black and white

I think I’m not the only one who swarms through the blog who is fascinated by black and white, right? 😉


For situations where the light is complicated due to the contrast between lights and shadows, HDR can be useful. HDR “adds” different exposures and tones and can give you images like the one below.

4. A fairy tale light

Looking not only for beautiful places and frames but also for special, inspiring lights that create a unique atmosphere like the one in the following image will help you achieve fascinating or even mysterious images.

5. Nature setting

It is one of the composition tips to achieve different images like the one in the following image:

6. Sharing the spotlight

You don’t always have to focus on the waterfall. Pay attention to everything that surrounds it and complements it, since many times it is worth including it in the frame. Look what image: Sunset, autumn, waterfall…

7. At all hours and at any time of the year

Each time of the year has its characteristic light and dreamlike landscape. Not only the most colorful ones are good for getting incredible images. Winter and summer also have their charms, their tones, and their special lights.

8. Filters

Photography does not always have to be a portrait true to reality, there are many filters that will help you achieve different and surprising effects such as infrared.

9. Composition

Do not get carried away by the beauty of the scene and try to take care of your composition.

10. Sharpness

If the waterfall is part of a beautiful landscape that you have decided to include in your scene, do not forget to treat it as a landscape, that is, remember the importance of a good depth of field and the sharpness of the scene.

11. Surprising elements

Look for different elements that enrich your image and give it interest, such as the waves that appear in the foreground of the following image.

12. Light and shadow

Learning to play with light and control the exposure of your scenes is essential when creating any type of image.

13. Different plans

One way to add depth to the image is by using different planes in the image, such as the rocks in the foreground and the waterfall and trees in different planes.

14. Image settings

Learn how to use the basic adjustments of saturation, contrast, brightness and so on to get the image you want. Remember that it is best to start from a “correct” image on which to work by adjusting small variables. The number of tweaks you make depends on your taste, but it is best to start by mastering the most basic ones.

15. Upright

Do not forget that this format also exists! 🙂

16. Silky effect of water

It is the most common way to photograph water, you may have already noticed in this selection 😉 . If you want to know how to achieve this wonderful effect, I recommend this article.

Do not worry if you have a crazy desire to go see Angel Falls, Iguazú, or Niagara. Although these are waterfalls in capital letters, many of us will have to settle for more “mundane” landscapes, although no less beautiful or surprising for that. If you don’t have a waterfall in capital letters nearby, a waterfall in lowercase or any waterfall of greater or lesser size will do. With them you can practice composition, the silky effect of water, foresee the best hours of the day, etc. and surely more calmly than when we escape to contemplate one of their older sisters…

So now you know, put your camera and tripod on your shoulder and let yourself be seduced by the visual magic of falling water, its smell, the constant noise as it passes. And if you liked the selection and want to share it, I encourage you to do so on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. And as always, thank you and until next time! 🙂