15 things you should never do to your animals

Having a pet is truly an amazing thing. They are faithful and inseparable friends who will accompany us and support us without asking for anything in return, but of course we all like to pamper them and always give them the best.

However, sometimes we get used to certain practices that do not benefit our faithful friends, forgetting that they require our attention for much of the day. These are some of the most common mistakes we make when we have pets, no matter how much we love them.

  • Forget that we are the center of their lives

Animals are like babies in many ways and we need to give them our undivided attention for a few hours throughout the day. From taking them out for a walk and feeding them, to stimulating them with games and toys so that they are always entertained. We must not underestimate the importance we have in their lives.

  • Yell at them when they do something wrong

Educating a pet to behave correctly is not easy, and there will be many mistakes along the way, but we should not get used to raising our voices every time they do something wrong, much less hurting them. Our pets have feelings, and repeated abuse can traumatize them just like anyone else. Even if it’s verbal abuse.

  • leave them alone for a long time

Like babies and young children, animals get nervous and sad if we leave them alone for a long time and we have to avoid it. If you’re going to be away for a long time, make sure a friend pays attention to them or adopt another pet so they can keep each other company.

  • Wake them up anytime

Some animals must sleep many hours a day to be healthy and waking them up unexpectedly causes stress, even more so if it happens regularly. Don’t wake them up unless there’s a good reason to. Animals feel stress when you stare at them because their instincts tell them something is wrong. When you look at them fondly, do it briefly or discreetly.

  • Using different words for the same statement

Although they do not understand our language, they recognize some words when they are associated with a particular action, and changing it capriciously is confusing for them. “Look for the ball” is different from “Where is the ball?” and you should show him only one to avoid confusion.

Although they are very cute when they ask for food, they must eat their food, not ours, because they cannot eat the exact same food as us. If you often give them from your plate, one day you may give them something that harms them, especially if you are not well informed. You should avoid sharing your food with them and get them used to eating only their own.

If you have any doubts about your diet, you should visit a specialist.

  • Let them be very sedentary

They don’t need to have a strict routine, but just like people, animals need to move to be in a good mood and healthy. Make sure you play with them regularly and this will provide for their physical needs.

  • load them unexpectedly

When you take them in your arms unexpectedly to hug them, your pet may feel a lot of stress (or may not, depending on their nature). To avoid these stressful moments, teach him a code word so he knows you want to pet him, and act on his reaction. If he doesn’t respond positively and stays still, leave him for a while and come back later.

  • Do not educate them from a young age

Animals need to know some rules in order to live with us in harmony. But, just like children, the sooner they learn them the better. Trying to change an animal’s habits when it is older will not only make it more difficult, it will stress it out.

Imagine that suddenly the rules of your world change and you had to learn them all over again. If you have to educate an older dog because, for example, you rescued it from abandonment, you have to do it with a lot of patience and love.

If your pet doesn’t like bathing and gets nervous when you take him to the bathroom, saying things like “Don’t worry” reinforces his fears because he will remember that you only say it when an unpleasant experience is approaching. It is best to reassure them with actions and not words. The first step should always be to make sure that you have space at home for several pets, and then give each one an individual space, in the case of cats, with their own litter box. sand. Leave it in a fixed place and so your pet will always know where to find it.

If there is no more space, it is best to just have a pet.

  • Punish him for eating food you didn’t save

Your pets, especially cats, can be masters of stealth and sneak in to steal that delicious piece of meat you left on the table, in the open. Before you get mad at your pet for their misdeed, remember that they act on instinct and not with malicious intent, and then make sure to always put away tempting foods.

  • Too much food on your plate

Animals eat even when they’re not hungry, and leaving too much food on their plate is the perfect recipe for overeating, which can lead to overweight and health problems. Always leave him the right portion. Think about it very well and be prepared in advance with everything you need. Wayward adoptions are one of the reasons there are so many abandoned animals on the streets. Think about their needs and take it easy.

With these tips, your pet’s life will improve considerably and yours too, by being able to have better experiences with your faithful friend. And you, do you commit any of these mistakes? You shouldn’t feel bad if you were misinformed, the best thing you can do is acknowledge it and work hard to improve. Your pet will thank you!