15 still life images to fill you with inspiration (you will not want to leave the house)

Since we know that sometimes you just want to browse inspirational photography to get ideas for personal or professional projects, or both, we like to offer you inspirational galleries like this one of still life images.

A few days ago I was telling you about the benefits of still life photography. Maybe a priori it is something that does not call your attention too much or maybe, if you have already tried it, it has hooked you.

What I am sure of is that if you dare with it you will learn a lot, from lighting to composition and all kinds of photographic techniques. This type of photography allows you to plan, think, choose each parameter of the shot, each object and light source, so I can think of few more complete types of photography to practice than this one.

In addition, you will get very cool photos, and now that we have to spend more time at home than usual, still life photography will help you combat isolation or simply have a good time in the company of your favorite hobby 🙂

1. Low key

I had already told you that with still life photography you can experiment with a multitude of techniques. One of them is low-key photography, a technique with dramatic and spectacular results that you can also apply to your portraits.

2. window light

Experimenting to learn to master all types of light, its directionality or intensity, is also one of the learning opportunities you will have when working with still life photography.

3. Close-up

Looking for different perspectives and planes is essential to obtain interesting results. Get the most out of each image by photographing it from different angles, zooming in or out, until you find the image you’re looking for.

4. Use different materials

Wood, metal, glass, etc., have different characteristics that you can use in the narrative of the image. Wood is warm and natural, metal is cold and generates more reflections, just like glass. Experiment with each of them to find out which one gives you the best results.

5. Simplicity

You know we often say in photography that less is more. Make sure that all the elements you add to your composition have a meaning in the story you want to tell.

6. Experiment with flash in your still life images

A still life is not going to move, that’s the good thing about it. It will allow you to experiment not only with natural light but also with that of the flash. Try to bounce the light off ceilings or walls so that it reaches your still life indirectly.

7. Take care of the background

It doesn’t necessarily have to be plain, white or dark, but you should avoid the background detracting from the main subject of the image.

8. Black and white

Not everything is color in still life photography. Experiment with black and white to express the essence of the form and achieve a timeless effect.

9. Textures

Textures are one more narrative element of your compositions, take advantage of them in your backgrounds or in the elements that you want to photograph.

10. Theme

Establish a discourse that is logical in the relationship of the different elements. Like in this image:

11. Depth of field

Use the aperture or depth of field to draw attention to where you’re interested (in-focus area) and create ambience.

12. Tell a story

Yes, with still life photography you can also (and stories should be told 🙂 ).

13. Take care of the composition

Move the elements, move yourself, remember the basic composition rules and slowly compose your still life image until you are satisfied with the results.

14. Play with color

Color is essential as a compositional element. You can play with complementary or similar colors or, as in this case, with the same color.

If you want to delve into still life photography, I recommend that you take a look at this article before getting into it.

I really hope that you are encouraged by still life photography, you will see how it helps you improve a lot as a photographer and you will also get impressive results with some patience and perseverance.

If you have found these still life images interesting and you think they can encourage someone else to enter this fantastic world, I encourage you to share the article before taking the flowers out of the vase or the lemons out of the fridge 😉 . Greetings and see you in the next article.