15 Photos of food to make at home (And don’t miss out on the fun)

At times when we have to stay at home and the day can be eternal or fly by, depending on how each one proposes it and the circumstances of each home, we bring you some images to fill you with ideas. Is about food photos what you can do at home to practice, to have fun and to do a family task, if the circumstances arise and you feel like it; or to do it alone, with maximum concentration. Whatever you feel like doing or your home situation allows, you have a choice. Let’s see them.

Oh, and before you tell me that the elements in your pantry are limited, I have to tell you that that is not what you have to pay attention to, but, as we will see, pay attention to the light, the backgrounds, the composition or what surrounds the food, because it doesn’t matter if you use milk or coffee, if you use sugar or flour, or if you photograph a pasta dish instead of a varied and colorful salad.

Food photos to fill you with inspiration (and fun)

1. Textures

How about trying to capture the textures? Get as close as you can, look for different textures in the food, use one light or another to show more detail or more texture. In short, make your photo touchable.

Textures that whet your appetite

2. Perspective

Photograph the same dish or food from different perspectives. Changing the angle will force you to pay attention to the details, the incidence of light, the backgrounds, the surrounding details, the composition, the depth of field, etc. It will be a very useful observation exercise for future occasions.

Gastronomy in zenith

3. Food photos in high or low key

The technique in low key or high key is another excellent exercise to practice at home and food is a good subject to carry it out. Depending on the dish or what you want to transmit, photograph in high key, as in this example, or in low key, as in the photo in the next section.

in high key

4. Contrasts

How about practicing with contrasts? They can be of color as in this example, or also of light, textures, temperatures, etc. The limit is set by your imagination, that is, you πŸ˜‰ .

5. Photos of food of the same color

And since we have mentioned color contrast, another good exercise can be to look for compositions with the same color. This is another game in which you have to look for food or elements related to the kitchen that have the same color and find a balance in the frame. You dare? Look at this example.

Green I want you green. What color do you choose?

6. Minimalism in your food photos

This photo takes me to another minimalist one that reminds me of deconstruction in gastronomy. And, as you know, less is more, but sometimes, with so much noise around us, it is difficult for us to minimize and clean the stage. I propose this exercise, so that you can play with negative space, with order and simplicity.

7. Backgrounds

It’s a shame we don’t give backgrounds the attention they deserve, because they can completely change an image, both visually and emotionally. Take a look at this example, do you think it would look the same with the tiled wall in the background? Look for fabrics, wood, tablecloths, or any object that will help you create a background that matches your plate and your photo.

Choose the most suitable background

8. Red-handed

And it is that the hands are so expressive and count so much, that it is a shame to always leave them out. How about anticipating the result and taking a few images during the preparation of a meal? It is obvious that for this you have to have company. Ok, it is true that you can use a tripod, trigger, etc. but cooking is a bit cumbersome, so this is an easier and more enjoyable task if you do it with someone.

Caught red handed

9. And speaking of masses…

Raise your hand everyone who makes bread at home. I am not going to expand here, but I have been doing it for a long time and I believe that circumstances have led many to join. Why not keep a nice memory of your homemade bread? Immortalize that satisfaction of eating good bread cooked in your oven. In a few years you will smile when you see them. Here’s an idea.

To bread bread…

10. Light in food photos

Light, as in any photograph, can help you convey some or very different sensations. Soft light is not the same as diffuse light. Take the opportunity to study the light that enters through your window and take different photos depending on their quality.

And the wine came πŸ˜‰

11. Sensations

Like the light, the colors or the elements that you include, they can enhance the sensations that you want to awaken. Because, obviously, photographing an ice cream is not the same as taking a hot coffee. Choose a food, study how you want to show it and set up your stage according to the circumstances. Like in this example, don’t you find this image super refreshing?


12. Smoke and steam

We have just seen an example of how to transmit freshness. Now I propose another exercise that will help you transmit feelings of warmth with other types of food. The keys here are light and shooting angle and a dark background that contrasts with the smoke and/or steam.

Or have you not always been impressed by those photos in which you could feel the heat from the smoke or steam that they gave off? Well you can get it too. What are you waiting for?

Steam or smoke, choose your favorite

Trick: there are those who use the steam from the iron to give vidilla to those foods that have cooled while we take photos.

13. Dust in suspension

At least I love these photos, when the flour flies in the image, or the sugar, what difference does it make? What matters is the effect, which achieves an attractive image and makes you feel part of the scene. Good light, fast speeds and a little patience to get the right result and take on the cleanup afterwards πŸ˜‰ .

start the fun

14. Flying Foods

There are those who take these types of photos by mounting them on the computer and those who spend hours dropping food until the result is achieved, as one of the participants in our #Fotoreto23 did.. I leave you the idea, the process is up to you. What do you fancy? (I confess that I would love to see the result).

catch the burger

15. 1,2,3…splash!

Another idea to practice fast speeds. A helper who throws something into a container with liquid, light, very very fast speeds, burst and desire to have fun. You do not need anything else. Guaranteed fun.

You dare?

I think you have plenty of ideas to stay in the kitchen for weeks. You can complain about other things, but lack of ideas or boredom, I’m sorry to say no πŸ˜‰

I would love for you to share your best results with us, it would even be cool to see some making-off πŸ˜‰ Cheer up and leave us your photo in the comments πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ». Thank you and see you soon.