15 ideas to decorate your Christmas candles

During the holidays, decoration is one of the most fun and exciting activities, since transforming the environment into a magical place makes each meeting a very special moment.

Candles are an ideal party accessory as they not only create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home, but are also simple and affordable. In addition, there are many options for you to make ecological candles yourself, and the designs with which you can decorate them are as many as your imagination wants. Even in many of them, you can also reuse or recycle objects that have fallen into disuse and that, otherwise, would end up in the trash.

In this note you will be able to discover 15 ideas to decorate your Christmas candles that you can also do with your family or friends to start living different parties, in which the most important thing is the encounters.

1. Floating candles

A very simple idea is to use floating candles! To decorate your house with them, take a glass container of the height you want, place some stones in the base, add water and place your floating candle. The result will be a very sophisticated Christmas ornament that you can place as a centerpiece or by a window.

You can also add some small fruits as a base, or place flowers inside the jar, or some tree or plant twigs that will give it a very original natural detail.

2. Snowy candles

Another idea to decorate your Christmas candles is to cover around them with a thick layer of glitter that will adhere easily to the surface of the candle using glue or heat. If you use white glitters, or even coarse salt crystals, you’ll get a snow-like finish!

3. Candles with inverted cups

If you don’t have much time and you want to solve the Christmas decoration in an original way, you can use your glasses in an inverted way to make candlesticks. Place some flowers or petals inside the glass, and at the base of it, place a small candle. It will be perfect if you play with the colors of the flowers and the candles!

You can also replace the flowers with colored Christmas balls that you have left over from your Christmas tree, or that have been broken and you can no longer use them.

4. Candles in painted glass containers

If you have glass containers that you no longer use, you can make these original lanterns to place your Christmas candles. To make them, cut the shape you want on paper (in this case, a tree leaf) and draw its outline on the container. Then paint the entire container with colored acrylic, except for your figure, so that through it you can see the light of the candle inside.

5. Candles in transparent cups with vinyl

Another idea to decorate your Christmas candles is to place them in transparent goblets that you can decorate with self-adhesive vinyl with allusive motifs. With the light of the candle, the figures will light up, creating a magical atmosphere!

6. Christmas candles with sweets

A very simple idea to decorate your Christmas candles in a few minutes is to take some of the candy bars that are so characteristic in many countries at this time, place them around a candle and fasten them with a ribbon. Finish with a big bow, and voila! You will have some very original arrangements, which the children will then be able to disassemble and eat.

7. Hanging candles in glass jars

Glass jars are a perfect ally for all types of decoration. At Christmas, you can use them to make your own decorative glowing lamps that will create a magical atmosphere.

To make them even more beautiful, you can add some fruits to the base. They will look very pretty hanging among the trees in your garden!

But be careful: if you place objects to decorate, be careful that the fire does not reach them.

Another option is to decorate the entrance of your home with the jars to surprise all your guests.

8. Potted candles

Another super easy option to decorate your Christmas candles is to place them in the center of small pots that you can use as simple craft centerpieces.

9. Candles with musical motifs

If you have some old sheet music that has been left in some corner of your library, you can give them a new use by covering a glass container with them and tying them with a rustic cord. The musical notes will light up with the light of the candle creating a simple and very original decoration. Place the paper on the outside, not the inside, so it doesn’t burn.

10. Tuna Can Candle Hanging Mobile

If you have some cans of tuna that you have used, you can give them a new use by putting together this beautiful hanging candle mobile that will look great on your wall and fill your Christmas gathering with light.

11. Snowflake Candles

If you want to make a Christmas candle with more traditional motifs, you can use a spherical glass container and decorate around it with faux snowflakes. To finish, place a candle inside and take it to the center of your table to decorate your Christmas dinner.

12. Rustic Cinnamon Stick Candles

Another option to decorate your Christmas candles in no time is to take some cinnamon sticks and tie them around a candle with string. Not only will they look very pretty, but they will also perfume the environment with the aroma of cinnamon so characteristic of Christmas.

13. Candles with pineapples

You can also decorate your Christmas candles by placing a little salt in a glass container at the base, place the candles inside and decorate the outside with some small pinecones, glued on with adhesive and adorned with a rustic bow.

14. Hanging salt shakers with candles

Reuse old salt shakers to create original candles that you can hang at the entrance of your home to provide a special detail when your family and friends arrive.

15. Colored candles

Finally, you can also decorate your Christmas candles using small candies or sprinkles as a base to place your candles on! If you do not have, you can use small painted stones to give the light a detail of color and joy.

Enjoy your sustainable parties!