15 ideas to decorate with bamboo

Bamboo is a plant that is increasingly used both in construction and decoration, not only because of its resistance and durability, but mainly because it is a renewable and sustainable resource. Unlike wood, it sprouts naturally every year, reaches its maximum hardness between 3 and 7 years, can grow in almost any soil and climate, does not need seeds to reproduce and the only thing that needs to be done is pruning.

While a tree dies when it is cut down, the bamboo plant can continue to grow. In addition, it generates 35% oxygen, absorbs much more carbon dioxide than other species and, as a material, has multiple advantages such as the ability to resist pests, kill bacteria, absorb moisture and deodorize the environment.

All these characteristics make bamboo an ideal material to give your home a fresh and natural touch. Here you can get inspired with some ideas to implement.

1. Mirror of a thousand reeds

To adorn an old mirror and transform it into a central object of your home decoration, you can use several bamboo canes that, divided into small pieces, will become an economical and simple material to work with that will give your room an attractive very special look.

2. Natural candle holders

Taking advantage of the hollow space of the reeds, you can create rustic candle holders with colorful candles that bring light and style to your room, living room or even the bathroom, while at the same time perfuming with the special and fresh aroma of bamboo.

3. Cane Lamp

Bamboo canes have the peculiarity of being able to join acquiring the most diverse forms you can imagine. When cutting them, you can also take advantage of their cylindrical shapes to create semicircles at the ends. Can you imagine this lamp in the center of your living room where an armchair and a window invite you to look at the garden? Try it!

4. Fun pen

With small pieces of bamboo canes you can create cute pencil holders that add a natural and relaxing touch to your work or study space. You can also paint them the color you like the most to suit the preferred environment of your home.

5. Container for kitchen utensils

Another simple and practical idea to provide a particular detail to your kitchen is to use a small cut of bamboo cane to store your kitchen utensils. A colorful and very useful option that will also oxygenate the air in your kitchen.

6. A photo frame with its own style

Are you one of those people who love to decorate their rooms with photos of their loved ones? With thin bamboo canes you can create the perfect photo frames to highlight those photos that are so special to you.

7. Rustic Vases

To add small details to your home that transport you to a relaxing and natural place, with several cuts of bamboo canes and sisal thread, rush or thread you can give life to containers that house your favorite flowers and perfume all the rooms of your home. If you leave the threads of the joints visible, at different heights for example, they will be even more rustic.

8. Designer planters

You have probably seen these planters in decorating homes or luxurious spas. But you can also have them inside your house or in the garden, since they are very simple to make, it is not necessary for the canes to be the same size (irregularity is the trend!) and they are very cheap.

9. Garden ornaments

With small pieces of cane, string, and a few clothespins, you can create these dainty decorations for your garden. In addition, if you place small figures on one of the ends of the strings, they will move with the wind and generate music that will make your time outdoors a super relaxing experience.

10. Small table with a bamboo base

If you want to start opting for furniture built with alternative materials to wood, you can encourage yourself to build this small table that uses intertwined reeds as a base. Remember that bamboo is a very resistant material (some even call it “natural iron”), so you should not worry about the weight of the glass.

11. Cane cellar

If you are a lover of good wines and like to have your own reserve for each occasion, this idea is perfect for you! You can create your own wine cellar using bamboo canes wide enough to accommodate the bottles, overlapping them one on top of the other and holding them together. You will also be creating an original and design object that will go very well, for example, a small library for some corner of your house.

12. Ideas with reeds to hang on the wall

The thinner canes can also be used to create a small ornament to decorate the wall or even to create practical organizers where you can hang those keys that you never find or remind you about those earrings that you must attend to.

13. Orchards in reeds

Do you have little space to create your own garden? Check out this easy and inexpensive idea that will allow you to create vertical gardens even in small spaces. A special idea to cultivate your aromatics!

14. Guide Pyramid

To accompany the growth of plants in your garden, you can take advantage of bamboo canes to form a structure that, in addition to its function, will go very well with its earth tones, the color of your flowers.

15. Bamboo Jewelry Box

An original idea to organize your jewelry and also decorate your bedroom with a practical and creative object is to use bamboo canes supported by small wooden blocks where you can, with the help of some brooches, organize your favorite earrings and necklaces.