15 Flowers and vegetables that you can easily grow in a glass of water

Indoor plants make our homes cozy and always delight the eye. However, not everyone has the patience and time to maintain and transplant them.

This series of flowers and vegetables can easily live without soil, so you will not have to spend time watering and caring for them, since they will always be impeccable in a glass of water.


1. garlic

If you put the garlic cloves in water, they will give edible sprouts that can be added to salads.

2. Green chives

A glass, water and some onions: this is all you need to always have fresh green onions.

3. Chinese cabbage

The lower part of the Chinese cabbage can be used to grow a new cabbage. For this, you only need to place the piece in a small amount of water.

4. Carrots

The tops of carrots fill out quickly with new leaves if you place them in a container of water. These sprouts are edible: you can add them to salads or eat them scrambled with honey.

5. Mint

You can grow mint to prepare your teas, sweets and some sauces. It’s easy, you just have to submerge its roots in water.

6. Rosemary

To grow rosemary in your kitchen, you just need to submerge several stems of the plant in water and wait for it to take root.
In this position rosemary can last for a long time, however, when its roots grow too large, you will need to plant it in a pot.

7. Basil

You no longer have to go to the market every time you need aromatic basil. It is easy to grow this herb in a glass of water.

Decorative Plants

8. Tulips

Many believe that tulips grow only in fields. However, they can also flourish at home.

For this, the bulbs of the plant are placed in a vase with a small amount of water.

9. Eichhornia (Water Hyacinth)

It is an aquatic plant. Eichhornia is not only undemanding, but also very pretty.

10. Hyacinth

These beautiful flowers can also be grown in water. For this, the hyacinths are placed in a vase filled with decorative pebbles with a small amount of water. If you are going to grow this plant, it is important to take care of the lighting.


This plant, which looks like a delicate palm tree, can also live in a watery medium. Just take care that it never lacks water.

12. Amaryllis

Another amazing bulbous plant that can flourish without soil. For this, you will only need a vase, a fixative (for example, stones) and water.

13. Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo grows fast and easily adapts itself to the shape you want. There are several types of bamboo that can be kept indoors. For a better development, this plant only needs a vase with water.

14. Succulents and Cacti

Of course, these plants are not aquatic at all: excess water even kills them. But precisely because they are so undemanding they are so popular. The most important care of these plants is: better to forget to water them than to overwater them. A glass of water is not a habitat for them, but a glass of soil is.

15. Isolepis (Punk Plant)

This plant looks amazing in tall vases. It is one of the most beautiful aquatic plants and from a distance it looks like a fiber optic decoration.