15 Cheerful and Fun Images to Fill You With Inspiration

Who doesn’t fancy a few happy and fun images from time to time, that feed the smile and the spirit and make us feel the wonder of positivism? Because nobody is bitter about a sweet, right? 😉 Well, keep reading, because in the next few lines we will weave a few images that we hope will convey a little bit of the joy that all the people who took these photos wanted to show.

1. Expressions

If you don’t know how to make a person smile, try asking them to put different “faces”. Surely a good and natural smile escapes him between one and the other.

2. jumps

Jumps never fail to convey joy and vitality. I don’t know what ingredient they contain, but the truth is that it is difficult not to transmit positivity in these types of images.

3. Irony

This is the result of being at the right time, in the right place, and with your eyes wide open 😉

4. Contrast

The contrast between elements always makes them enhance each other. Someone serious next to someone bursting out laughing will make the emotion more evident by contrast in both cases than only showing one of the emotions.

5. Props

There are classics that never fail 😉 Dressing up or complementing the image or portrait with some fun element will make the image convey joy or fun in a simple way.

6. Spontaneity

Being attentive to everything in front of us, to feelings, to relationships, is what will allow us to capture spontaneous scenes full of emotion like the following one.

7. Photomontages

You don’t have to be a Photoshop master to make a fun montage. With a little knowledge of layers and some imagination you can get by quite happily. And I’m not telling you what can be done with some other smartphone app, because I’m sure you know better than me 😉

8. Environment

Not only is the model in charge of transmitting happiness or joy, the environment can radically enhance that feeling. Look at the following image. Don’t tell me you don’t smell the anticipation, the joy of a child about to blow dry leaves everywhere. Not only that adorable little smile that sneaks under the hat makes us happy, it is also the story that surrounds the image.

9. Love, love, love

Well, that, when the image breathes love everywhere, it is difficult for it not to also transmit a feeling of joyful happiness.

10. Pets

What patience some have, right? This little ET has enchanted me. And it is that pets are a bit like children, spontaneity, patience and scenes capable of making the most frowning smile.

11. Originality

Originality does not have to be funny, but since it is surprising to us, it is closer to being so than a bland image that tells us nothing.

12. laughs

If you get your pulse not tremble in full attack of laughter, you can get very happy images. Laughter is contagious, if you can capture it in an image, few will resist smiling 🙂

13. Girls and boys

They always give so much of themselves, they are spontaneous, happy, sincere and crazy. Whoever has a child close to them has a treasure, and not only photographically speaking but also 😉 If you chase them a little in their madness they will give you endless happy and fun images

14. Transform your surroundings

If you are one of those who with time and imagination can transform the most innocuous into something funny, what are you waiting for? 🙂

15. Collaboration

If you have someone willing to clown a little in front of your camera, don’t waste it 😉

We always say that photography is pure emotion. Light too, yes, but above all emotion. That’s why it drives us crazy, moves us, frustrates us, makes us laugh and leads us down the path of bitterness 😉 Emotion is everything and, if you are able to convey exactly what you wanted at the time of taking your photo, that’s it. you have more than half image done. So you know, get excited and get others excited, and if it’s with some joy, then all the better. A good first step would be to share this article so that this dose of happy inspiration reaches a little further 🙂 Thank you very much and until next time.