14+1 Artistic Photographs To Fill You With Inspiration

If we talk about photography we talk about art but, on the other hand, not all photography is artistic photography. We already talked about it here, but maybe you lacked a little more inspiration. And since we love browsing selecting images that we believe can help you bring out the artist in you, I suggest you take a look at this article where, through various techniques, the authors have come up with an image that goes beyond the objective visualization of the scene. We see it?

1. Silhouettes

Silhouettes are the simplest form of an object (we are only able to appreciate the shape of the outlines), but they still have a strong visual impact that we can use to our advantage when composing our scenes.


Delving into the world of macro photography has, in itself, a magical component such as the proportion of objects, without forgetting to play with color, textures and light. Remember that an image is made up of many decisions and characteristics that make it the way it is 🙂

3. “Bad” Weather

We talked some time ago about the immense artistic possibilities that the wrong weather: Bad weather good photos, I told you. And I still defend it ;-). The atmosphere that rain or fog, among others, are capable of giving us, the feelings that they are capable of evoking, in short, the capacity they have to move us, shake us and inspire us with certain feelings are, without a doubt, opportunities that you cannot letting go to enhance your most artistic side.

4. Paint with light

You already know that photography is literally that, painting with light, and the possibilities offered by mastering light are endless. Learning to play with it, to control the exposure, to model the light, to anticipate the result, etc., will make you the photographer you have always dreamed of being.

Here are 15 resources to master the light in your photos (collection of articles)

5. Movement

Motion isn’t just that unpleasant fact about some of our images when we’re working in low light. Conscious, deliberate, provoked or well-used movement is one more artistic resource that can provide us with the most artistic images.

6. High key and low key

They are completely opposite in terms of technique and results. One is light, purity, joy, and white (high key) and the other is mystery, elegance, and black (low key), but both are able to effectively transport the viewer to these feelings. You can read how to get both techniques in this article.

7. Shadows

Another creative resource that will help you enhance your most artistic side. You can play to isolate the shadow and simply suggest instead of showing or use it to add more interest and visual power to the image. Well used, shadows are a great artistic resource.

8. Depth of field

Playing with the depth of field to highlight our protagonist by isolating the background is a widely used tool in photography. Remember that the depth of field is controlled through the diaphragm opening (the more open it is, the less area in focus in the image).


They are just as capable of destroying an image as they are of giving it a most beautiful and artistic touch. I don’t know why, I love them :-). So do not stop experimenting with those sunset lights that slip through your lens, you will see how more than once and twice, you love what you see.

10. Texture

The texture transports us directly to the touch, it therefore transmits an impression, a reality, that you can take advantage of for your images.

11. Minimalism

The simplification of the images make them easier to read and, consequently, have more obvious messages for the viewer.

12. Highlights

Have you thought about the many possibilities that reflections can offer you?

13. Suggest instead of showing

It is not always necessary to show everything to get a good image.

14. Learn to edit

Whether or not you love editing, knowing a little about it is essential to achieve the results you want. You don’t need to manipulate your images to make them artistic if you don’t want to, but learning how to improve the image through small tweaks will help you finalize your photography and your initial idea.

15. Go deeper

The main key to getting an artistic photograph is that you do not stay on a first impression. Look for more, go deeper, make an effort, change the angle, the perspective, look for a better environment and, above all, fill in the gaps you may have, with imagination. That is, you can want to photograph a door, you can stand in front of it and take the photo just like that, but you can also wait for someone interesting to pass by, you can leave it ajar to increase the viewer’s curiosity, you can wait for an interesting shadow over…

If you practice enough and little by little you acquire photographic language through knowledge of light, composition and the different techniques that this art offers us, you will see how, slowly but surely, you advance in your ability to express yourself artistic.

Do not forget to share this article so that inspiration reaches as many people as possible. Thank you and see you soon :-).