12 exercises for legs and buttocks

If what you want is to tone your legs and buttocks, what you need is to have a combination of exercises for legs and buttocks that provide new stimuli to the muscles. In addition, the exercises for buttocks and legs are countless, and the more varied they are performed, the better it will be for the body and the main objective of each person. With these exercises, you will need only a few weeks to achieve the goals you want.

With a little perseverance, and accompanying the exercises for legs and buttocks with a healthy diet and plenty of water, in a short time you will begin to see the results. Are you ready to focus with these exercises for glutes and legs and meet your goals?

Squats: the best exercises for legs and buttocks

The squat is one of the most complete exercises that exist, and one that can help us achieve different types of results. She is known to be the queen of leg and glute exercises!


your benefits

• Tone up the legs and buttocks. They are the main parts that are exercised when doing the squat, and also, oddly enough, they are also responsible for developing the muscles of the abdomen and back. A very complete exercise, as you can see.
• It helps us lose weight and eliminate fat. It is one of the exercises for buttocks and legs that burns the most calories, due to the amount of muscle fibers involved during its performance.
• In addition, it will make us gain functional strength, which will help us to carry out day-to-day activities more easily: climbing stairs, walking…
• And, finally, they serve us when it comes to improving our flexibility.

1. Classic squats

Start with the squats you know how to do as a child.

2. Squats taking the leg to the side

Bringing the leg out to the side works the glutes.

3. Sumo squats

These types of squats strengthen the core and glutes at the same time.

4. Sumo squats with arm raises

This will add a touch of cardio to your routine.

5. Squats training the oblique muscles of the abdomen

Your waist will thank you.

6. Jump Squats

Doing this exercise also tones the muscles of the arms.

7. Squats “legs together”

It is a preparatory exercise before the next one.

8. Squats “gun”

It is a difficult exercise with a large load on the knees. Therefore, perform it carefully and do not sit too deep. For starters, you can do it with a stand.

9. Squats “bow”

Many muscle groups participate in this exercise at the same time.

10. Squats on one leg

This exercise noticeably strengthens the calves, hips, and glutes.

11. Squats with a step to the side

It is also called “butt on fire” because the muscles become very tense.

12. Jump Squats

This exercise allows the muscles to rest after the previous static position, eliminates lactic acid and adds a cardio touch.

Training plan for a week


However, in addition to the classic and effective squats, there are also other ideal exercises to tone this part of the body. In this sense, other exercises for legs and buttocks are:

It is one of the most complete exercises for the whole body. Staying in a plank position for a few seconds or minutes will work not only your legs and buttocks, but also your abdomen, arms, back, etc. The plank is also an excellent exercise to avoid back pain from sitting.

It is a variation of the iron in which the arms are always at the same height, but you have to do the exercise of “running” with the legs bringing them towards the shoulders. Like the plank, this does not count as exercises for the buttocks and legs, but rather it is an exercise that covers all the muscles of the body. I mean, it’s perfect.

The deadlift is one of the exercises for buttocks and legs more realized by the effectiveness that it presents. With a heavy object in your hands, to do these exercises for legs and buttocks you should keep your back straight and look forward at all times.

The head has to be completely in line with the back. To ascend, raise your shoulders and hips at the same time, keeping your back straight. Once you have reached the starting position, the movement will be repeated.

These exercises for legs and buttocks are widely performed even by bodybuilders for all the benefits they bring.

Combine exercises

It is also important to know that for exercises for legs and buttocks work, it is recommended to combine them with other exercises, such as aerobics and relaxation. A good idea is to do a Yoga class at least once a week to relax the muscles, or spiritual exercises that help relax the mind.

Do you dare to do these leg and glute exercises? In a few weeks, you will see how the results begin to show.