11+1 Ways to Convey Peace and Tranquility in Your Photos (With Example Images)

Art consists of transmitting, moving, moving, arousing feelings, vibrating, provoking, calming… And photography is art. That is why the objective of a photograph must be to reach the public in some way. Either filling it with energy or flooding it with peace, going through multiple other sensations.

Have you ever wondered what those photographs or prints that decorate some offices, clinics, hotels, SPAs, shops or even houses have? Those that you can’t stop looking at, that relax you the moment you look at them. Do you know what that magic that catches you consists of? It is much easier than you think. These images, in addition to impregnating us with their beauty, contain certain ingredients that transmit peace, calm, tranquility… Do you want to know them so that you can evoke these sensations? Make yourself comfortable, I’m going to tell you.

1. Symmetries

The symmetries provide a sense of balance, and this, in an environment of chaos, haste, stress and other hustle and bustle of daily life, gives us a small oasis of peace. If you introduce symmetries in your images you will be able to transmit a little bit of that calm. Here are some tricks so they don’t become boring, because reassuring is not the same as being boring πŸ˜‰

And if you combine symmetry with other tricks, even better. Look at this photograph and as I talk to you about other ways of transmitting peace, you will see which ones have been used in it.

2. Nature

If you have ever listened to relaxing music, you will have been able to verify that along with the melodies of the instruments they introduce sounds of nature, waves of the sea, birdsong, tree leaves dancing in the wind, crickets, etc. Why? Because nature exerts a balsamic effect on us, calms us, gives us peace. That is why we escape to nature when the city saturates us. We have been natural beings for millions of years, the city is an environment that is too new for human beings. If you want to transmit peace and tranquility, a landscape of nature is a safe bet.

In this example, a perspective has also been used that evokes the moment of lying on the ground to contemplate the sky and the trees. Is another one trick that you can use, shoot from a perspective that invites “rest”.

3. Silky effect

Speaking of nature, water cannot be missing. Water is without a doubt the most relaxing element I know (at least in my opinion) and it can be used in many ways (you will see more images of water throughout the article). One of the techniques that transmits the most peace, if not the most, is the silk effect of water. It has a hypnotizing power that is difficult to achieve in other ways. Surely you have seen it on your own skin on more than one occasion, right?

4. People in an attitude of rest

If you introduce the human element to add more interest to the photograph, try to make it adopt a restful, calm or still attitude. If someone appears running or climbing a mountain, it will transmit other sensations, but calm, of course not. Someone sitting contemplating the horizon, lying down, reclining, or even standing but clearly standing, contemplating the landscape. The viewer will automatically identify himself and he will be invaded by that feeling of peace and tranquility that you are looking for.

5. Soft colors

Strong and highly saturated colors transmit energy, strength… and now we are looking for the opposite. That is why we are going to use the opposite, soft colors, the most visually pleasing tones.

6. Low contrast

Along the same lines, low contrast has a much softer effect than high contrast images. I am referring to images in which there is little difference between light and shadow, those that do not contain dominant colors and that are made with diffused light.

7. Isolated places

Hasn’t it ever happened to you that to calm down after an anger, when you’ve been stressed or feel bad, that you’ve escaped to an isolated place, away from people, noise and everything that moves? Isolated and lonely places calm us, they are like a balm. Take a look at this example. How many of the tricks that I have told you about have been used in photography? Because it’s not just an isolated place, right?

(Solution to the “riddle”: I see in addition to an isolated place, symmetry, soft colors, low contrast, nature and resting posture. A good summary so far, don’t you think? So you see firsthand how these different ways to convey tranquility).

8. Meditation and related symbols

Anything that evokes meditation will take your viewer to a place of calm: Zen symbols, people meditating or praying, Japanese gardens, a relaxing gesture (such as caressing something soft), a yoga posture, etc. Any of these expressions invite peace and tranquility. Take a test πŸ˜‰

9. Noise without noise

This is another trick you can use to convey calm. Choose a place that is associated with something noisy but without the element that causes it. For example, the train tracks. When it passes the noise is loud, however, the absence of the train creates a contrast by evoking the silence that invites calm, do you think the same? Look at this photograph and then tell me πŸ˜‰

10. Minimalism

Minimalist photographs, due to order, the clearing of elements, the absence of chaos, negative spaces, etc., are perfect for inviting calm. Less is more πŸ˜‰

11. The serenity of the night

The silence, the absence of light, the calm and stillness of the night are ideal companions to reassure even the most stressed of mortals. Practice night and star photography and you will see your goal fulfilled. Also, you will surely have fun and learn a lot along the way πŸ˜‰

And the bonus: Blue!

Colors are intimately related to emotions and sensations. Simply a color can cause us a state of mind and blue is directly associated with calm, serenity and tranquility. Create images based on the color blue and… voilΓ !

Prepare a cocktail with different ingredients

As you may have seen, many of these example images combine different ways of conveying peace and tranquility. The best trick I can teach you is to practice mixing, try several of these formulas, pick from here and there and find your own recipes. Stir your imagination and your sensitivity and create your own cocktail of calm sensations.

And if you liked it, don’t forget to share it, the world needs a little peace and quiet, don’t you think? Thanks and see you soon!