101 curious facts about the world that will fascinate you

The world is a wonderful place but unfortunately we know very little about it. At least, much less than we could. Would you like to meet a lot of fun facts on the most diverse topics? In this note, some interesting facts about all the topics you love, so you can surprise yourself and others in your conversations. We know you will be fascinated!

In addition to fun facts about world entertainment, which are always among the most consumed and communicated, there are more curiosities of the world that are worth knowing. But before mentioning the 101 curious facts of the worldtwo interesting facts about super famous people that you may be interested in:

Did you know that Angelina Jolie hired a hit man to kill her when she was young because she was depressed and thought that a murder would be less traumatic for her family than a suicide? And that in 2015 Queen Elizabeth II of England visited the set filming of “Game of Thrones” but refused to sit on the Iron Throne because according to the protocol as queen she is prohibited from sitting on a foreign throne?

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Curious facts about the human body

The human body is a complex structure, but absolutely fascinating. Despite the fact that science has studied each part of the body for centuries, it is never completely understood. It is that it is an infinite source of wonder!

But certainly, years of study have led to hundreds of interesting facts about the body being revealed, many of which sound unbelievable when you hear them. These are some of the most incredible. And they are happening within you right now!

  • 1. The eyes get more exercise than the legs.

The muscles of our eyes move much more than you imagine… Approximately 100,000 times a day!

To give you an idea of ​​how much that is, you should know this ratio: For your leg muscles to get the same amount of exercise, you would need to walk about 50 miles a day.

Curiosities of the world if any: Did you know that each person has their unique aroma, due to pheromones? Except identical twins, obviously, who have the exact same smell.

Speaking of which, it is worth clarifying: according to science, women always smell better than men. And the nose can remember up to 50,000 aromas.

  • 3. We produce slime pools

The function of saliva is to wrap the food so that it does not scrape or tear the walls of the stomach.

Do you know what is the most curious? Throughout life, a person generates enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

  • 4. You can see an egg with the naked eye

The male sperm is the smallest cell in the body. In contrast, the female ovum is the largest.

In fact, the egg is the only cell in the body large enough to be seen with the naked eye.

  • 5. The size of the penis can be proportional to the thumb

There are many myths around the subject. But science says that the average man’s penis is three times the size of his thumb. Did you think it was just another myth?

We thought that prenatal testosterone levels might have something to do with penile length, and therefore, since finger formation is also influenced by this hormone, they also played a role.l,” said Tae Beom Kim, an investigation coordinator at Incheon Gachon Gil Hospital.

  • 6. The heart could move a car

Another interesting fact that is worth sharing is that beyond spiritual strength, the heart is an extremely powerful organ. In fact, the pressure it generates when pumping blood could, if it were to leave the body, reach 10 meters away.

To give you an idea, the power generated per day by a heart would be enough to move a car for 32 kilometers.

  • 7. Nothing is as useless as it seems

Each part of the body has a meaning within the context. For example, the little finger.

Although it may seem insignificant, if you suddenly did not have it, your hand would lose 50% of its strength.

  • 8. You are responsible for all the dust that collects in your house.

The dust that we see in front of the glare that enters through the window, as well as the one that accumulates on the floor or on the furniture, is made up of 90% by dead cells of our body.

  • 9. Body heat is more than you think

In 30 minutes, the human body releases enough heat to boil almost half a liter of water.

  • 10. The thing that grows the fastest…

What do you think grows faster in your body? The answer is not nails. In fact, facial hair grows much faster than hair on any other part of the body.

Like fingerprints and scents, each person’s tongue is also a mark of identity. In fact, it has unique and unrepeatable footprints.

  • 12. The tongue never rests

The tongue is moving all day. It expands, it contracts, it flattens, it contracts again. At the end of the day, the tongue will most likely have made several thousand movements.

  • 13. You have more taste buds than you think.

Specifically, around 3,000. Yes, three thousand. Each of them allows to identify different flavors: bitter, salty, sour, sweet and spicy.

And they are after all the ones that help us understand when something we eat is delicious. Although not everyone has the same amount, and that explains why some people seem to taste more than others.

  • 14. Men and women listen differently.

The way men and women think, act and make decisions are different and this is well known. Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine found that these differences apply even to the way both sexes listen. Men process sounds with only one side of the brain’s temporal lobe, while women use both sides for this purpose.

  • 15. Babies can heal their mothers in the womb

Among the most surprising curiosities of the world, is the power of babies in the womb. In this sense, not only mothers take care of their children, but babies also take care of their mothers. While in the womb, the fetus can send its own stem cells to its mother’s damaged organs to restore them. The transfer and incorporation of embryonic stem cells into the mother’s organs is called uterine microchimerism.

Curious facts about the animal kingdom

Not only the human body is amazing. The animal kingdom is so vast and incredible that it seems impossible to know it completely. But at least, you can learn some super curious interesting facts.

  • 16. Fun facts about elephants

Elephants are wonderful and to our eyes, they look like giants. However, they weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.

Another fun fact about them: they can’t jump.

  • 17. Elephants and water

There are more curiosities in the world about these incredible animals.

Elephants are capable of locating water and detecting rain at distances of approximately 250 km. In turn, they have an intuitive communication system since when a member of the herd finds a reservoir of water, he warns the rest of the herd through low-frequency growls.

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  • 18. Panda bears and their food

If you think you’re gluttonous, it’s because you don’t know panda bears.

They can spend up to 12 hours a day eating!

It is that to meet your dietary needs you have to eat at least 12 kilos of bamboo daily.

  • 19. The hunger of the anteaters

Panda bears are not the only ones that surprise with the amount of food they consume on a daily basis. Anteaters eat around… 35,000 ants a day!

  • 20. The seahorses and the family

There are several species of animals that have the characteristic of being monogamous, that is, they mate with the same partner for life. Seahorses are one of them. But there is another curious fact about it: the male of the couple is the one who carries the young during the gestation period.

Among the most incredible curious facts about the animal kingdom, there is one related to kittens that will fascinate you. If you have a cat at home, you surely love its little snout. But you probably don’t know how amazing it is. Well, the snout of a cat is unique, like the fingerprints of humans. No two cat noses are identical.

  • 22. Ostrich Strength

It may not look like it at first glance, but the legs of an ostrich are very strong. In fact, that’s enough muscle power to kill a person, or even a lion!

  • 23. Cats sleep more than 70% of their lives

Just as kitties spend 70% of their lives sleeping, the remaining 30% are awake grooming and around 10,950 hours purring.

Who has not wanted to have the life of a cat? Sleep long hours and stretch to go eat. Many describe it as a perfect life.

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  • 24. Ants can store water

A certain variety of ants can grow their bellies up to a centimeter to store a mixture of water and sugar, called nectar, for food. When they lack water, the rest of the ants resort to their companions to take the vital liquid.

  • 25. Camels too

Camels drink a lot of water when they have the opportunity to do so, since in the desert they can go days without drinking liquid, they are capable of drinking 106 liters of water at one time! These animals have a great capacity to store copious amounts of water in their bodies and can go up to 10 days without drinking.

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  • 26. Fish also drink water

Just because they live in water doesn’t mean they don’t need to drink it too. In fact, if they don’t they can die of dehydration. Freshwater fish just drink it and that’s it.

Fish that live in the sea have the ability to eliminate excess salt that they ingest along with the water. Your body is made up of a large percentage of water and another percentage of organic substances. When sea salt comes in contact with salts from fish, they filter the water and salt through their gills.

This means that for the fish to be able to ingest water, the salt levels in the water must be stable since if they were to increase, the fish would not be able to digest it and could die.

  • 27. Otters, romantic?

If you could see a group of otters sleeping in the water, you would see that they do so holding hands. It is a very tender gesture, but it is actually for survival: they do it so as not to drift or get lost.

  • 28. Giraffes don’t make a sound

Dogs bark, cats meow and birds chirp. What do giraffes do? A group of Austrian researchers, armed with more than a thousand hours of sound recordings in zoos, took on the task of answering this question and the answer is: nothing. Giraffes do not emit any sound, thus becoming the only mammal with this characteristic.

  • 29. The largest flying bird in the world

Sometimes, when digging in the ground to build a building, a fossil is found by chance that can broaden the horizons of what was taken for granted. This was the case in 1983, when workers building the airport in Charleston, South Carolina, found a skull and several wing bones of…