100 Photographers That Can Inspire Your Next Great Photograph [Actualizado]

One’s inspiration comes from the creativity of others. If you want to grow as a photographer, it is best to learn from the masters. Kappa and Rosenthal are among the greats, but it never hurts to look for inspiration in current photographers. Today I bring you a list of 100 professional photographers, some very popular, others less so, but they all have a common denominator: they are great professionals in their photographic genre and their work is of irrefutable quality.

I include his page so you can enjoy his work carefully. There are 100 of them, they are not in any special order and they all have something to teach you. And at the end, as a bonus, I bring you a little gift, famous photographers that you probably didn’t know they were.

100 Photographers That Can Inspire Your Next Great Photograph

1. Tom Hoops: A self-taught Englishman who started his career late, with more than 38 years. What photography missed until he started taking photos.

two. Brook Piffer: He has received a good number of awards as a portrait artist: spontaneity, introspection and determination are what he looks for in faces.

3. Sergio Belinchon: Spanish master of compositions.

Four. Smetana Andreas: An Australian specializing in advertising photography.

5. Dave Hill: An American from the west coast who has baptized his own secret style that no one has managed to decipher so far: the famous Dave Hill effect.

6. Levon Biss: He has worked for big brands, from Adidas to HSBC, through Puma and Texaco, among others.

7. Mitchell Kanashkevich: This globetrotter seeks out ancient cultures to steal an image from them.

8. Jose Manuel Ballester: A classic, great artist. National Photography Award 2010.

9. Gavin Gough: Excellent light treatment.

10. Chase Jarvis: Unlimited creativity and daring frames. Wide photo theme.

Chase Jarvis

eleven. Lisa Bettany: A Canadian who, fed up with being a model and actress, happened to be behind the camera photographing nature.

12. Kalyan Varma: Very ambitious and able to fulfill his ambitions.

13. Tim Laman: A biologist very committed to the environment. He denounces through the photos of him.

14. Marina Cano: A Spanish veteran who has a unique and very special look at nature photography. Emotion in each of her images.

Marina Cano

fifteen. Mario de Aguayvives: Another Spaniard, excellent portraitist.

16. Cyril Jazbec: Cold images, chiaroscuro and always an overdeveloped artistic side.

17. Genin Andrada: International photographer with contributions to National Geographic.

18. JohnWrite: Learn portraits from the photographs of this man.

19. Clayton Bozard: American specialized in art photography.

twenty. Carlos Aires: An interesting specimen of native portraiture.

twenty-one. Morgan-Norman: A very theatrical dreamer but at the same time he achieves naturalness.

22. Peter Kohl. Street photographer who knows how to capture the precise moment.

peter kol

23. Denis Rouvre: Romanticism and fantasy in some works, just the opposite in others.

24. Thomas Kettner: Technique and art come together in his photographs.

25. Lynsey Addario: A Yankee press photographer who works mostly in India.

26. Nickonken: Some hate their approaches, most learn from them.

27. Robert Dann: A veteran who can give you a lot.

28. Simon Plestenjak: A Slovenian attracted both by geometry and facial expression. He deals with various topics.

Simon Plestenjak

29. David Lindsay Wade: The son of two artists, this young photographer used machine photography, which fascinates him, to break away from the more traditional way of presenting things in art.

30. Jonas Peterson: A wedding photographer. You will be amazed at the approach and quality of his work.

31. Lee Townrow: Strongly inspired by design, he crossed over to photography from the world of music album covers. He worked in Buenos Aires until a few years ago.

32. Laura Makabresku. Artistic photographer whose work will not leave you indifferent.

33. Lyndon Wade: His iconic images are those of suspended animation. It has a great capacity to inspire thoughts and create narrative from interrupted movements.

3. 4. Kalle Gustafson: A master of the use of color.

35. Henrik Knudsen: A Nordic who creates stories from everyday images.

Henrik Knudsen

36. Yuri Yasuda: His portraits of urban and modern tribes inspire many imitators.

37. Koen Demuynck: The bizarre and the comic come together in his photographic works.

38. Adam Alex: He started making compositions for weddings and stood out for his unique style and his enormous quality.

39. Sarah Cheng-De Winne: A freelance specialist in portrait, fashion and conceptual photography. Her goal is to represent identities through photography. She gets it.

40. Dimitris Theocharis: His photographs can help you discover new approaches to composition.

41. Luigi Bussolati: Still lifes are his focus, not people. His game of colors of objects at rest is excellent.

42. Cornell Adams: A photography veteran who currently runs a photography agency.

43. Simon Högsberg: Master in giving a new approach to everyday situations.

44. Tom Khan: A wizard of frames.

Tom Khan

Four. Five. Andrew G. Hobbs: A New Zealander who has done covers for Esquire, Rolling Stones, The Sunday Times Style, among others.

46. Aaron Ruel: An artist designing still scenes.

47. Timothy Hogan: This photographer can teach you a lot about object photography; It gives them personality.

48. Joel Rhoden: Master in the use of light, take a look at his work if you want to be a good portraitist.

49. Florian Ritter: His specialty is the photography of landscapes and urban scenes.

fifty. Kazuha Matsumoto: A Japanese with a characteristic: you will never know exactly what he has photographed. He likes to play with double meanings. He is currently dedicated to advertising photography.

51. Ben Hassett: He has a Vogue cover to his credit.

52. François-Xavier Marciat: His black and white of everyday scenes create a trend.

53. Nicholas Samaras: This Greek does excellent underwater photography.

54. Alex Prager: Dark and cinematic photographs.

alex prager

55. Bjorn Lofterud: I don’t know if he takes advertising or ironic photos with the products themselves. But without a doubt it gives a new approach to any subject.

56. Quentin Shih: A Chinese specialized in photography for magazines, art and fashion. He also does commercials.

57. Robin Skjoldborg: Genius of group scenes.

58. Ryan Pavlovich: A true chameleon of photography that has touched all the sticks.

59. Alessandro Rocchi: Italian artist born in Pesaro, he does both commercial and artistic or documentary photography.

Alessandro Rocchi

60. Natasha Gudermane: This photographer has a somewhat disturbing and sinister streak. She knows how to play with double meanings.

61. Simon Powell: He works mainly with models and has one of the most mutable styles in photography, landscapes, sports or nature are among his favorite subjects.

62. Adam Von Mack: Great mixtures of eroticism, sensuality and elegance.

63. Seb Janiak: His compositions transport us to strange worlds.

64. Carlo Bellavia: Take a look at his page. He has a great job in detail and nude photography.

65. Martin Amis: An unconventional photographer. His treatment of empty spaces can teach you a trick, or at least make you think.

66. Zhang Jingna: This photographer has worked for Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. She was named to the 2018 Asia Forbes Under 30 list.

67. Cristof Echard: He works with protest movements, committed photography, collage. He is French.

68. Victor Shalom: If you want to dedicate yourself to fashion photography, check out their website.

69. Hirano Aichi: An indefinable style that leaves you wondering what the story is behind the photos.

hirano aichi

70. Alexandra Hager: Compositions and quasi-surreal photography.

71. Bagrad Badalian: It does not have a recommended style for the more traditional or naive mentality. Take a look at his gallery.

72. Herve Lefebvre: An advertising photography specialist, he works on commission from Bordeaux. At the moment he has done prestigious assignments for magazines and agencies.

73. Pierre Choinière: Canadian. Excellent facial treatment.

74. Nobuyuki Kobayashi: A Japanese freelancer who has treated indigenous peoples of South America.

75. Michael David Adams: I don’t know if he has the best photographs, but he does have the best models. Fashion, eroticism, glamour.

76. Klaus Nigge: Since 1984 participating in publications of the stature of National Geographic and GEO, essential for lovers of bird photography.

77. Victoria Diehl: Spanish from La Coruña, graduated in Fine Arts and with several photographic projects to her credit. The body and human emotions are the central themes of it.

78. Tony Dorio: Specialist in photographing anonymous people on the streets of Chicago.

79. Daniel Kennedy: Fashion photographer who has been posed by many celebrities and celebrities.

80.Stuartbicknell: Nature, landscapes, fauna and flora are his favorite subjects.

81. Eric Ryan Anderson: Portrait photographer with a strong inclination towards retro and vintage style.

82. Brian Hampton: If you are attracted to the wildlife of animals and Safaris, the works of this photographer will give you the dose of inspiration you need.

83. Rickard Sund: It stands out mainly in studio photography and with an excellent handling of artificial light.

84. Vari Caramés: Self-taught Spanish with a special fixation for windows.

85. Gabriel Campuzano: Another Spaniard, architect and photographer with a very personal style where he combines photography, drawing and text.

86. Daniel Weisser: Very eclectic German photographer, specializing in portrait, music and fashion photography.

daniel weisser

87. Oliviero Toscani: So veteran that it is almost a classic, you will have seen his campaigns for Benetton a thousand times.

88. Edward Olive: A photographer of weddings, baptisms and communions. Do not get carried away by the topic: he has artistic photos of great depth.

89. Brent Stirton: Customs photojournalist, exceptional.

90. Christian Oth: Excellent photos and very good presentation portfolio.

99. Joe Robinson: Canadian photographer with a very personal style marked by fantasy and the dream world.

And by popular request more than justified, I include:

100. Chema Madoz: National Photography Award 2000. Master of surrealism in black and white. I’m lovin ‘it.

Famous photographers or famous photographers

As I promised at the beginning of the article, I bring you a bonus with ten famous people who are very fond of photography (some even dedicate themselves professionally) that will surprise you. Did you know that these celebrities love photography?

1. Brian Adams. Everyone…