100 Famous Female Photographers You Should Know

The search for inspiration is something that any artist has to deal with, which is why it is so necessary to soak up the work of others. Today I bring you a list of 100 photographers, yes, women photographers. We have another list on the blog of 100 photographers (men and women), but the female presence on this list was not very abundant, neither in this one nor in any of the ones you find on the net.

And I firmly believe (sorry, my most feminist part has come out 😉 ) that there are many famous photographers in the world who deserve to be known and recognized. Many are missing, of course, and some are not exactly current, which does not mean that they have not earned a place on this list. Are they the best? Not necessarily, there will be better ones (I invite you to expand the list in the comments), but the ones that are there deserved their little space and expanding the article further seemed excessive to me ;). What is clear is that these people who love photography have a lot to offer you, whether you are a man or a woman. Are you going to miss it?

Famous photographers that will fill you with inspiration

  1. Cristina Garcia Rodero. Our most internationally known photographer, with an excellent track record behind her and a unique look. The only Spanish woman who has entered the Magnum agency.
  2. Amy Carroll. You will immediately fall in love with her animal photos.
  3. Jaime Beechum. Travel photographer who captures images wrapped in a very soft light but full of strength and life.
  4. Elena Shumilova. Specialized in children and family photography. What she does with light is impressive.

  5. Maggie Steber. He has collaborated with the most prestigious magazines and has received great prizes. He has worked in more than 64 countries photographing from a social, cultural and humanitarian point of view.
  6. Anna Jones. Aesthetics and light. Weddings and much more.
  7. Aurora Lettuce. Spanish wedding photographer whose work is full of magic and spontaneity.
  8. Annie Leibovitz. Although she is known for portraying celebrities, her work is admirable.
  9. Sally Man. An uncensored photographer. Her intimate work is very interesting and with a great message where she photographs her life and her family.

  10. Masumi Hayashi. Do not miss his work of panoramic collages that are an invitation to question the reality and society in which we live.
  11. Anne Geddes. Whether you like his style more or less, you have to admit that his work has been very inspiring for many photographers and it is worth having sold almost twenty million copies of his books worldwide.
  12. Gerda Late. is behind the signature Robert Cape along with his partner Endre Ernö Friedmann. Many of her photographs are attributed to him. She was the first photographer to be in the front line of fire in a war. She had to share this story 😉
  13. Marie Hennechart. Travel photographer.
  14. Lynsey Addario. Photojournalist in armed conflicts and winner of a Pulitzer Prize.
  15. Ellen Von Unwerth. Specialized in female eroticism.
  16. Elena Kalis. Wonderful and unmissable underwater photographs.

  17. Kitra Kahana. Documentary photographer who joined a community of young nomads for months and created the project Nomadic.
  18. Jody Cobb. Driven by her curious and adventurous nature, she has specialized in important topics of world interest, such as the slavery of the s. XXI. She one of the very few women who have been part of the staff of National Geographic. She shows a very intimate way of photographing.
  19. Yulia Taits. Super inspiring your project on albino people «Porcelain Beauty».
  20. Ruth Bernhard. He began photographing nude women in 1934. His work is intimate and delicate.

  21. Value Export. Pioneer artist in analyzing gender politics. In her work, issues such as identity, sex and the body as a means of expression and language are addressed.
  22. Shirin Neshat. One of the most representative artists of Iranian art. Her work is characterized by the treatment of the condition of women, mainly in contemporary Islamic societies.

  23. Summer Murdock. You will fall in love with his work in black and white as much as in color.
  24. Juana Biarnes. First Spanish photojournalist who fled from the pink sensationalism of photojournalism. A photographer always against the current.
  25. Christina of Middel. With a very own vision of photography, his series Afronautswhich criticizes the stigmatization of Africa by the media, placed it in the forefront of international photography.
  26. Marina Gondra. Beautiful surreal work by this Spanish photographer that invites you to dream.
  27. Ouka Leele. Well-known photographer Madrid scenestand out, among others, its characteristic black and white photographs painted by hand with watercolor.

  28. Ernestine Rubén. His work on nudes is unmissable.
  29. Niki Boon. Although she considers herself an amateur photographer, her work is priceless. She is gifting her children with a life away from technology in rural New Zealand and at the same time, a wonderful series of photographs that you will also enjoy.

  30. Elizabeth Messina. Weddings and boudoir photography with supreme elegance.
  31. Imogene Cunningham. Impossible to define it so briefly. She is one of the most influential people in the history of photography.

  32. Martha Everest. His portraits are enormously powerful and he has a series of photographs that simulate oil paintings.

  33. Stephanie Sinclair. Photojournalist who, through her work, aims to denounce human rights violations in the world, especially of women.
  34. Amy Toensing. Photographer of the National Geographic that tells stories in each of its images.
  35. Ariana Lindquist. World Press Photo winning travel photographer.
  36. Charo Ten. Another amateur mom who has a lot to teach us. With an unmistakable style, her black and white is impressive but when she decides on the color she also catches. She has a very fun series of wallpapers with her children (#wallpaper_serie) that will surely inspire you.
  37. Penny de los Santos. Travel and food culture photographer.
  38. Anna Aden. Swedish photographer whose images, both indoors and outdoors, evoke dreams and magic.

  39. Elena Anosova. He has won the second prize of this year’s World Press in the category “Daily Life”, do not miss his series of portraits as it is very powerful and manages to connect in a very intense and dramatic way.
  40. Lynn Johnson. Photojournalist who, despite his work in major magazines and with major celebrities, leans towards the emotional stories of ordinary people. She dominates the same color as black and white.

  41. Inge Morath. In the words of Arthur Miller: “His photographs are the product of his subjective celebration of life in any of its possible permutations.” Don’t miss his work.
  42. Tina Wright. Recognized as one of the best wedding photographers for the emotion she captures.
  43. Nan Goldin. As criticized as praised, she is a hyper-realistic photographer. She is a pioneer and creator of the “anti-glamour” documentary genre.
  44. Cindy Sherman. They highlight their narrative self-staging that constitute a cultural critique. Will not leave you indifferent.
  45. Beverly Joubert. African wildlife specialist.
  46. Angelica Glass. Wedding photographer looking for spontaneity and unusual compositions.

  47. Bieke Depoorter. Belgian photographer who tries to reflect the intimate moments of the lives of ordinary people in their own homes and achieves it with unusual beauty.
  48. Carolyn Drake. He has documented for years the cultures of Central Asia and life in the Xinjiang region of western China.
  49. Patrizia Savarese. One of the best rock photographers of the 80s.
  50. Sharon Johnson. Macro photography of nature.
  51. Greta Buysse. Specialist in the combination of female nudes with architectural elements.
  52. Mariela Apollonius. Spanish architectural photographer.
  53. Venetia Dearden. Travel photographer.
  54. Mabel Jover. Nature and travel photographer.
  55. Rebecca Sarah. Spanish fashion and digital retouching photographer. She is idealistic and dreamy, something that she clearly conveys in her images.
  56. Valery Melnikov. This year’s World Press Photo winning photojournalist.
  57. Alecsandra Raluca Dragoi. A very young photographer who will give a lot to talk about.
  58. Amber Bracken. Another of this year’s World Press winners.
  59. Laura Jade. A fashion international.
  60. Kathryn Kruger. If you are looking for inspiration for wedding photography, do not miss his work.

  61. Ana Retamero. Photographer and biologist who photographs in detail unique moments of nature.
  62. Sarah Cheng-DeWinne. Represents identities through photography.
  63. Sue Ford. His work mixes photography with plastic arts.
  64. Rosanna Pita. Specialized in nature photography.
  65. Helene Binet. Based in London he is among the best current architectural photographers.
  66. Gina Soden. If you are interested in architecture or abandoned locations, do not miss his work.
  67. Elizabeth Munoz. Spanish National Photography Award in 2016, portrays the body with a spectacular mastery. She combines social commitment with the search for beauty.
  68. Olivia Arthur. Englishwoman whose documentary work stands out for her commitment to the situation of women, mainly their situation in border societies between East and West. She intends to show a vision of the character of her people beyond the fact of her obligatory clothing.
  69. Martin Frank. The photographer who knew how to select the images she wanted to take, a member of Magnum for many years and founder of the Parisian Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation.
  70. Susan Meiselas. His documentary photography is inspiring, but hearing it in person made me love photography more.
  71. Lucie Debelkova. Travel and landscape photography.
  72. Diana Marlosian. Documentary photographer, writer and filmmaker of Russian origin.
  73. Alessandra Sanguinetti. Member of the Magnum, his best known work is «The Adventures of Guille and Belinda».
  74. Newsha Tavakolian. Iranian photographer who does documentary work mainly focused on women’s issues.

  75. Martha Schmidt. He does newborn, children and family photography. A benchmark in our country. Pure tenderness with a simple and clean style. Personally, what catches me the most are the photos he takes of her daughter in her daily life.
  76. Jo Metson Scott. British with an elegant and subtle look.
  77. Fay Godwin. In addition to an excellent series of portraits, he has wonderful abstract landscape work.
  78. Diana Bush. Born in 1923, her work is capable of stirring you from within.
  79. Melanie Einzig. Street photographer who knows how to identify the key dramatic moments of any type of event.
  80. Claire Carter. Landscape photographer.
  81. Elaine Constantin. Film director and one of the best fashion photographers who turned the way of seeing youth in England, betting on colors, freshness and fun. A very interesting work that has been claimed by the most important firms.
  82. Holly Andres. She carries out a profound work on the complexities of childhood, the fleeting nature of memory, and female introspection. really inspiring.

  83. Sea Way. Spanish landscape photographer.
  84. Muzi Quawson. English photographer who films and photographs exploring the social structures of American culture with color photographs that look like stills…