10 things that make you feel frustrated in a relationship and how to avoid them

No matter how experienced you are in love, relationships will always be a challenge for everyone and you may experience the same mistakes and undesirable situations with different people throughout your life.

But what are those things that make you feel moody and frustrated in relationships? Here are 10 of the most common examples (although they shouldn’t be), and the best ways to counter them.

the confrontation

There are relationships in which there are many confrontations, the reasons are diverse. In other cases, however, your partner tolerates certain behaviors that for other people would be too much. It is good to realize that what bothers you is not necessarily what bothers your partner, but you should not fall into undesirable behavior just because your partner does not seem to claim it.


Rather, the lack of it. In this type of relationship, it is you who must guide the couple, be aware of what they are doing, send messages of attention and affection and show more enthusiasm. If this is your case, you should be calmer, it is very normal to feel that we are the only ones in the relationship and it is most likely that the other person thinks the same.

lack of detail

You feel that your partner forgot a certain special date, that he is not so attentive to give you gifts and details that give us small moments of happiness. The best thing for this type of relationship will be to follow the same advice as above: we are not all detail-oriented and we do not all behave in the same way, the fact that they do not give you an object, or that they do not remember what they did on a certain day in a certain place does not It means that I love you less. You must communicate and know what happens.

excess of criticism

You feel that you cannot express yourself freely around your partner. Perhaps it is that your partner is very expressive with his opinions and does not know how to do it in a more constructive way. If there is freedom of expression in your relationship, talk to your partner and draw his attention to this, maybe you will find a solution together.

Obligation to keep the couple happy

This is very frustrating. Sometimes we think that we should keep our partner happy all the time, even when we are not in the best mood. If you don’t feel at a good time to be on good terms with everyone, that’s fine, although you shouldn’t neglect the relationship and let the bad mood show up every day.

constant anger

There are people who get angry about everything, however, constant anger in couples can be the result of discomfort in the relationship caused by monotony. Perhaps it no longer comes to anyone but yourselves.

shared frustration

Sometimes this frustration present in your partner can lead you to be frustrated in just a few seconds. In this type of relationship it is very difficult to lead a normal life, although you should not let the moods of others influence you. You can solve your problems individually, sometimes we are not here to solve the problems of others; or help your partner by letting him know that you are there to solve problems together.

Personal space

Maybe it’s that you love each other too much, but you can’t find time for yourself anymore and this is frustrating. The solutions to this type of situation can be carried out by talking with your partner about the individual time that each one should have. It is always recommended and healthy in a couple that wants to solve their problems positively.


Perhaps it is the opposite of the previous case, perhaps you feel that your partner does not give you the priority you deserve. These situations come after a period of neglect and can be fixed with great talk about it, but there’s always a chance it’s too late.

Taunt Search

In these relationships there is always someone who tries to create drama and problems perhaps to get attention and get something they want from you. If you are one of these people, know that you are not doing your relationship any good. You will only embitter the lives of both.

The conclusion to all these problems is always going to be communication, a wonderful antidote to frustration in relationships, as well as exercises in honesty and reflection.


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