10 reasons why you shouldn’t eat canned food

As everyone knows, canned foods provide convenience when eating, as it is a product that you can buy at any grocery store and take home.

You may think that it is even healthier than fast food. But don’t be fooled, consuming canned food can harm your health.

The creation of canned food originated at the beginning of the war, when the United States was looking for a method to feed its soldiers by dropping loads of food into enemy airspace. The canned foods were ideal due to the resistance of the cans, which, when impacted on the ground, kept the food intact.

Over time, the canned food industry developed and they could see the advantage of storing food that way. They were preserved longer therefore they were totally edible.

Regardless of the point of view you have, consuming fresh and organic food is much better for your health since canned foods have harmful toxins for the body that you probably were totally unaware of.

10 reasons why you shouldn’t eat canned food

1. Bisphenol is a chemical found mainly in aluminum and tin cans. The fact that this component is present in food increases the probability that it will become toxic and dangerous to health (even if consumed in low quantities). The health problems of consuming bisphenol are related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer or infertility, among others.

2. When eating canned food, tin is another of its drawbacks. Tin is a harmful element for the body that can cause skin and eye irritation, as well as neurological problems. This increases when canned food is about to expire or when a can is opened and comes into contact with air.

3. The substance that covers the inside of cans is called epoxy resin and its function is to prevent food from touching the inside of the can. This resin, which is plastic, adheres to food and is then unknowingly consumed.

4. Canned foods certainly make you believe that they have a certain freshness, when you open them you can perceive their smell, but for this to happen, more chemicals that are harmful to health are added, which are responsible for maintaining the smell in the food and preventing its deterioration.

5. Canned foods have sodium and this affects the cardiovascular system considerably which causes hypertension problems.

6. The fact of putting food in aluminum cans is due to its light weight and low price, but it can cause problems for the body in case of leaks. Aluminum leaks from canned goods can lead to illness and memory problems.

7. Canned foods are full of preservatives to try to guarantee their properties and be suitable for consumption for a long period of time. The fact of being products with artificial preservatives does not make them harmful for healthy people, but their consumption should be limited in pregnant women, children, babies, the elderly and people suffering from a chronic disease.

8. Leslie Fink, a nutritionist from New Zealand, explains that by removing the skin from a fruit or vegetable, it has less fiber content, because this process is common in canned foods, various nutrients are lost. Therefore, it is better to consume them fresh.

9. For Miguel Porta Serra, professor of public health at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​the bisphenol A content may be an important factor for weight gain.

10. BPA resins are known to be an endocrine disruptor, that is, they can alter the functioning of the hormonal system. It is linked to diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Do you usually feed on canned products? Consuming them will not provide you with the same flavor or the same benefits as fresh and natural foods. By itself, products that come in cans offer a worse experience and quality for the consumer.

Now you know a series of problems why you should not abuse canned foods. Doing so will promote your health, improve your diet and make your body feel better.