10 medicinal herbs that cannot be missing in your natural medicine cabinet

The medicinal plants They are excellent allies if you opt for natural alternatives when it comes to curing a physical, mental or emotional imbalance. Each of them has a variety of active ingredients (substances with medicinal properties) that help the body return to its normal state of health.

They can be consumed in different ways, although the most common is to prepare infusions with dried or fresh herbs, if you have the possibility to harvest them. Remember to store them in glass jars or paper bags, in a dark and clean space. Having them on hand will be very useful when you need your medicine.

If you choose to accompany your healing processes with natural remedies, put together a natural medicine cabinet it’s a great idea. We tell you which are the herbs that cannot be missing in it and what are their uses.

Before consuming them, it is important that you consult a doctor or herbalist to make sure that they do not cause adverse reactions.


1. Chamomile:an essential plant to treat gastrointestinal discomfort such as heartburn, inflammation or slow digestion. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and helps calm nervous states.

2. Dandelion: helps purify the liver and detoxify the body. It has stimulating properties, is very nutritious and allows you to release feelings of anger.

3. Lavender: an ideal plant to accompany situations of stress, anguish and depression. It is healing, digestive and ideal for treating headaches, asthma and dizziness.

4. Mint: mint helps to channel stress and anxiety, due to its calming properties. It is also an excellent option for times of nasal congestion and slow digestion.

5. Wormwood: also known as holy herb or bitter mugwort, it is a medicinal plant of ancient use. It is used to treat conditions such as indigestion, gas and to eliminate intestinal parasites.

6. Ponytail: This herb will help you in cases of infections in the urinary system or bleeding. It detoxifies, helps cell regeneration and has positive effects on bones, skin and nails.

7. Rosemary: An ideal herb if you find yourself with respiratory problems, muscle pain, liver problems or episodes of anemia.

8. Eucalyptus: if you have colds or flu, this herb will be very useful for decongesting and clearing the respiratory tract.

9. Sage: Due to its numerous properties, it has various uses: it works as a relaxant, as a diuretic, bactericide, antiseptic, healing and anti-inflammatory. In addition, in case of exhaustion, it stimulates the nervous system.

10. Hypericum: It is also known as “St. John’s wort” and is a wonderful ally that works as an antidepressant. It helps in insomnia problems, to calm states of anxiety, to regulate the menstrual cycle and to remedy diarrhea and vomiting.

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