10 habits to develop intuition

Perhaps you believe that intuition is something innate, or something that cannot be controlled. But, although it depends on many factors and there are people who naturally consider themselves more intuitive than others, the development of perception is also, in part, a matter of habits.

There are some things that people who consider themselves to be more intuitive or perceptive do differently than others. Therefore, by consciously adopting these habits, it is possible to develop intuition intentionally.

1. Listen to your inner voice

Buddha said that when faced with a difficult decision, the best thing to do is to throw a coin. When the coin was in the air, suddenly we want it to land on one side, and that is the decision of the heart.

Intuitive people are the ones who stop to listen to those decisions and respect them.

2. Take time to be alone

To listen to the decisions of the heart, or what the unconscious wants to tell us, it is important to be alone at least once a day.

Being alone includes being virtually isolated: having a moment each day to get away from the phone, the computer and the television.

3. Stimulate your creativity

Creativity and intuition are intimately linked. You can read these 10 tips to unlock your creativity and develop both aspects at the same time.

4. Meditate

Meditation practices can be a great way to awaken your intuition. The self-knowledge that comes through meditation is essential to developing a more perceptive view of yourself, others, and the world.

5. Become observant

Intuition is not a supernatural gift, but intuitive people are more perceptive, and that has a lot to do with being observant. To become more observant you can start keeping a journal in which you record things that are surprising, new or strange to you. Little by little you will begin to find coincidences, surprising connections or precise intuitions in your daily life.

6. Listen to your body

The body, mind and soul are one whole. Listening to the heart and the unconscious must be accompanied by listening to the body, which gives us messages that we may be ignoring.

7. Connect deeply with others

Intuition is linked to empathy, which is the ability to put yourself in another’s shoes. Take time to observe and listen to others face to face, to understand your loved ones and everyone around you.

8. Pay attention to your dreams

Dreams are the key to communicate with unconscious processes. You can read what the meaning of the 10 most common dreams is, and thus begin to find meanings that help you connect with a different perception.

9. Take time to relax

Constant brain-draining work and multitasking are two things that ruin any other effort to become more intuitive.

Although we all have intuitive knowledge, only in moments of relaxation can we connect with it.

10. Let go of negative emotions

Emotions like anger or frustration cloud intuition. Letting them go, however, is as simple as aligning with the 9 tips above, as a relaxed, creative, and meditative person is more likely to be able to control their anger.

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Mariana Copper is the third generation with psychic abilities in her family and innately understands the process of developing intuition and psychic abilities. She explains that each of us has latent psychic talents, to some degree. To that end, she lists the different forms of psychic abilities and communication styles, so that we can open up the intuitive senses we were born with.

Mariana Cooper is a psychic, visionary, mentor, speaker, and founder of Aha! Moments International. She is also a practitioner in angel therapy and a certified advanced medium with Dr. Doreen Virtue. In addition, she has other certifications as a kabbalist and former Modern Mystery School teacher, as well as an Access Consciousness bar therapy facilitator, Jikiden Reiki teacher, and certified instructor in the Silva method of mind control.

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